God Can Pick Us Up: Sharon’s Story


Like so many times before, Sharon fought her way through a crowd of people trying to get water for their families. During Uganda’s civil war, water was scarce in the internally displaced persons camp, and six-year-old Sharon wasn’t strong enough to push through the crowd. 

Frustrated and still holding an empty bucket, Sharon burst into tears. Seeing her distress, a kind stranger stopped to help her. Sharon was thankful for the help, but still felt overwhelmed. She knew this was just the first of four trips she needed to make to the well that day.
“Life in the camp was very horrible,” says Sharon.
     “Life in the camp was very horrible,” says Sharon. “A child my age was surviving just by the mercies of God.”
Life at home wasn’t any easier. Sharon lived with her uncle’s family because her mother had died when she was a baby and her father was unwilling to care for her and her siblings. If Sharon didn’t get home in time for dinner with her cousins, no one saved her any food. Too often, she would go to bed hungry and cry herself to sleep. 
The Uganda Children’s Village provides a safe, loving home for kids like Sharon
                       The Uganda Children’s Village provides a safe, loving home for children just like Sharon.
But everything changed the day that Sharon’s aunt met with a staff member from Children of the Nations (COTN). Sharon was invited to live in the Uganda Children’s Village, along with other orphaned children just like her. As she settled in, Sharon quickly realized life here was very different. “I used to struggle to get water, but COTN has brought water close to me,” says Sharon. “I was sleeping in a small, grass-thatched hut, but now I sleep in a well-ventilated house with strong doors and I no longer fear in the night.”
Today Sharon is a healthy, happy 14-year-old girl who loves to go to school, play with her friends, and cook. She is thankful for her sponsors, who make this life possible. “I have free access to education,” she says. “I am sure I will have a good future.” Someday, Sharon wants to become a nurse. And she has high hopes for Uganda, too. She would like to see the construction of more wells and schools throughout her country.
Thanks to her sponsors, Sharon now has a family who loves and cares for her
                      Thanks to her sponsors, Sharon (far left) now has a family who loves and cares for her.
Thanks to her COTN family, Sharon sees life differently now. “I have learned that God loves people,” she says. Her favorite story in the Bible is that of Esther. “It teaches us that God can pick us up,” she says, “and make us big no matter where we come from.” 
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