Furry Blessings That Multiply Fast


Denis is feeling stressed from a long day of studying. As he finishes up his chores, he walks over to where the bunnies are kept at the Children of the Nations Uganda Children's Village and picks one up. "When I am stressed, I just go and sit nearby and watch [the bunnies] as they graze or play around," says Denis. "I am refreshed, because I begin to laugh at the behavior of this little animal."

But the rabbits are more than just cute. Their rapid reproduction gives food security for generations. Bunnies are truly the gift that keeps giving ... and giving ... and giving!
Denis and the other children like to watch and play with the bunnies
                            Denis and the other children enjoy having the bunnies at the Children's Village.
Today, Denis never has to worry about having enough to eat. But there was a time in his life when he would go for weeks surviving on whatever food he could find leftover in marketplaces or growing in the wild. "We used to live on mangoes in the mango season," remembers Denis. "That's all we ate."
So for Denis, the bunnies are fun to play with. But they are also a happy reminder that he will never have to live on wild fruit again. 
Denis and his brothers and sisters at the Children’s Homes have been raising rabbits for the past few years. And, as you would expect, the population of bunnies at the Children's Village has grown exponentially. "They are a fast growing animal, and multiply very fast," says Innocent, who also helps look after the bunnies.
Bunnies are taking over the Uganda Children's Village, thanks to a few gifts
                  Bunnies are taking over the Uganda Children's Village, thanks to just a few gifts that multiplied!
"They are our pride," says Emmanuel. "Everyone who comes to visit the village gives us good comments about them. We are appreciated for raising them, this is an encouragement to us." 
Your gift of two breeding rabbits will equip a Children's Village or Farm with two bunnies. In one year, your gift could multiply to be more than fifty rabbits! 
Two breeding rabbits make a wonderful Christmas gift!
Two breeding rabbits make a wonderful Christmas gift! Give bunnies through the gift catalog today, and get a free card explaining the impact of your gift.