Please Pray for Our Seventh-Grade Class!


Please pray along with the children and staff in Uganda for our seventh-grade class. 

This is our first class of primary school seniors at the Children of the Nations (COTN) school in Uganda. They are about to take their final exams, which will determine whether they will move up to secondary school.

Last weekend, the Ugandan staff held a dedication ceremony for the class. They presented the students with certificates for their hard work, and prayed over them as they embark on their exams. Please pray along with them today and tomorrow, as they take their tests! 

Here's how they prayed in Uganda:

                        The prayer ceremony began with a dance performance from the seventh-grade class.

                                      Hannah receives a certificate for her hard work at COTN's school! 

                                                       The staff and parents prayed over the entire class. 

               Then, the students went right back to studying! These two might have studied a little too long. 

Please pray for focus, diligence, and success on the exams!