Teddy Stays in School, Thanks to You


Teddy couldn’t focus on her school teacher’s lesson because she was trying to find a way to sneak out. She loved being in school, but her mother had left dinner cooking over the fire, and Teddy was worried. It was the only food Teddy and her family would get to eat that day, and if she didn’t get home soon, it would be burned.

But a burned dinner would soon be the least of Teddy’s worries. Her mother couldn’t pay the school fees for the term, and it was only a matter of time before Teddy would be sent away from school.
Life for Teddy and her mother had become very hard after her father died. As is too often the case for widows in countries like Uganda, Teddy's uncles had quickly confiscated all of their property after her father died, leaving Teddy’s mother without a way to support her children. 
Teddy’s mother (left) struggled to earn enough money to provide for her children
              As a widow, Teddy’s mother (left) struggled to earn enough money to provide food for her family. 
At a very young age, Teddy was forced to take charge of the home while her mother scavenged for work and food every single day. Every morning, Teddy woke up early and swept the home before leaving for school. At lunch time, she rushed back home to wash the dishes, fetch water, and tend to the dinner cooking over the fire. On weekends, she didn’t have time to play because she was in charge of running their home while her mother worked.
“I was so frustrated in life,” says Teddy. “I knew I could not go any further with my studies.” She dreaded telling her mom that she needed more money for school. “I saw she was getting defeated trying to raise money for food to feed us or even rental dues, and this made me feel very hopeless about life.”
But then a staff member from Children of the Nations (COTN) approached Teddy’s mother and told her about their Village Partnership Program, and that through child sponsorship she could receive daily nutritious meals, an education, and medical care.
Before she joined COTN's child sponsorship program, Teddy worked constantly
Before she joined COTN's child sponsorship program, Teddy could barely focus on school. She worked constantly and never had time to play with her friends. Now her school fees are paid, and she sees a bright future for herself.
Now that Teddy is part of COTN’s child sponsorship program, her basic needs are taken care of. She no longer worries about her meals burning over the fire, or not being able to afford school. Instead, during class at COTN’s school, she waits for the bell signaling lunch and walks to the kitchen with the rest of the children. “I love to be in school full time,” says Teddy. “When I’m in class in COTN’s school, I feel settled and at ease within myself.” 
Not only does Teddy enjoy going to school, she is learning to play the marimba
                       Not only does Teddy enjoy going to school, she's learning to play music on the marimba!
Today, Teddy is dreaming about her future. She’s good at mathematics and wants to become a nurse so that she can help people get better. One day, she even hopes to open a medical center. 
Teddy knows these changes in her life have become possible through child sponsorship. She’s very thankful for her sponsors, and she prays God will bless them. Because of these people, Teddy says, “My life is so different.” 
There’s a child like Teddy who needs you! Sponsor a child today!