Photos from a Wonderful Summer in Uganda


Thanks to the generous gifts of sponsors, Venture Teams, and people like you, the children have had an incredible summer in Uganda! As they go back to school this week, they have wonderful memories of Center Days, Art Camp, and the sleep-away camp the children from the Children's Village attended last weekend. 

Here are some of the highlights:

               All the children from the Children's Village got to spend two nights at a camp run by our staff.

Throughout the weekend, different presentations and speeches were given to encourage the children in their spiritual growth. 

                                                        Of course there was a lot of time to play, too!

                                                           During free time, the boys played soccer.

                                               The girls played netball, a sport similar to basketball.            

                                                 And the younger children played on the playground.

                                                                  Emmanuel enjoys the slide.

All of the children attended an art camp as well as many Center Days this summer. Read more about the art camp here. 

                    The children's creations from art camp, displayed at one of the Center Day celebrations.

The goal of Center Day is to invite the community in to Children of the Nations for a presentation and celebration of all the children's talents and accomplishments. 

                                     A great place to take a nap during one of the Center Day presentations. 

Listen to the children sing their school song at a Center Day: 

COTN–Uganda School Song from Children of the Nations on Vimeo.