"God Opened a Door For Me": Susan's Story


Susan's days were long and difficult before she became part of Children of the Nations' child sponsorship program in Uganda. She was only six, and yet she says, "I had a lot of responsibilities, like an adult." 

Susan was forced to grow up fast           Susan was forced to grow up fast—when she was only six, she spent all day fetching water and cooking. 
Susan's father died when she was a baby. Desperate to feed her family, Susan's mother had no other choice but to spend her days scrounging for food and picking up small jobs for money. 
So Susan was left alone, every day. Her task for the day was to fill a 40-liter container with water for the family. That meant several trips back and forth to the well, dragging a 5-liter bucket, heavy with 11 pounds of water. 
Susan's other responsibilities were to cook dinner and clean the kitchen. But with not enough food to go around, she says, "I would wash the dishes after dinner, sometimes when I had not even tasted the meal I prepared." 
Before Susan came into COTN's care, she never got enough to eat
                        Before Susan came into COTN's child sponsorship program, she never got enough to eat. 
Three years ago, a family friend took pity on Susan, who clearly wasn't getting the care she needed to grow and thrive—or even survive. She took Susan to COTN’s offices in Lira, Uganda, and asked if there was room for her. After investigating Susan's living situation, COTN’s Uganda staff made room for her in the sponsorship program. 
That was when Susan's life changed. Though she still helps with chores around the house, her days are now spent at COTN's school, where she receives love, care, education, and a meal, thanks to her sponsors. She sees her sponsors as a gift from the Lord.  "God opened a door for me to study," she says. 
Today, Susan is healthy, in school, and dreams of becoming a nurse
                                       Today Susan is healthy, in school, and dreams of becoming a nurse. 
Susan loves learning in school, and especially enjoys science. But the thing she likes most about school is that it offers her a safe place to just be a kid. "I used to feel very lonely and live in isolation," she says. "But now I am surrounded by real friends who truly love me, and I have time to play with other kids."
Now Susan's dream is to become a nurse. Inspired by your generosity, Susan's goal is to help others in her community—particularly orphans and widows. "I would like to be able to give free medical services to helpless children and old people," she says. "I want to give medical treatment to those who do not have the money to buy medicine." Susan's shy face breaks into a smile as she asks, "please pray for me so that I can excel academically and accomplish this." 
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