The Schoolgirl Under the Tree: Vicky's Story


It’s the middle of the day in the village of Anai-Okii, Uganda, and you notice something peculiar. School is in session, so all the kids are in class except for the ones who can’t afford tuition. Dressed in rags, they sit by the side of the road and stare at you with empty eyes. But that’s not the strange part. 

One little girl is sitting alone under a tree, with her school uniform on, praying for the chance to go back to class.
Vicky used to sit under a tree in her uniform, praying she could go back to school
                Vicky used to sit alone under a tree in her school uniform, praying she could go back to school. 
That little girl was Vicky, before she became part of Children of the Nations' (COTN) Village Partnership Program. Vicky's mother died giving birth to her, and she's never met her father. The aunt who took her in has six other children to care for, and could never afford to send Vicky to school for the whole year. So after her tuition ran out, Vicky would sit under the tree, wishing she was in class. "This made me so sad as her caretaker," says her aunt. 
But Vicky never gave up hope. When her cousins went on to class, she sat under a tree and prayed that somehow, some way, she could one day attend school. 
Now, as part of COTN's Village Partnership Program, Vicky's prayers to attend school have been answered. She is now attending COTN's primary school in her village, and says, "I enjoy going to school. This makes me feel like the other children within my community."
Today, Vicky is attending COTN's school
 Today, Vicky is attending COTN's school. She needs sponsors to help provide for her education. Will you be one?
Through the Village Partnership Program, Vicky also receives meals daily, and is learning about God's love for her. "I have learned that God is merciful," she says.  
Vicky's dream is to become a lawyer one day. Her reasoning shows the depth of knowledge she already has. "I want to exercise justice in the judiciary and stop corruption in the court," she declares. "I want to advocate and be a voice for the orphans."
Will you help Vicky reach her goal? Vicky is a part of our child sponsorship program, but like all the children we serve, she needs multiple sponsors to support her education and complete care.
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