Lifted Out of Danger: Janet's Story


You can learn a lot about a child from her favorite Bible story. Janet's is the story of Moses being rescued from the water. 

"I like this story because it teaches us that God will always send someone in favor of us," she says, "to give us a lift out of danger." 
If anyone knows this is true, Janet does.
Janet grew up in war-torn northern Uganda, living in an Internally Displaced Persons camp for protection from the rebels who massacred whole villages on a nightly basis. Janet's family thought they would be safe in the camp. But they weren't.
On February 21, 2004, the Lord's Resistance Army attacked the camp that so many had come to for refuge. Their command was to "kill every living thing." More than 300 men and women were killed that day. Janet's father was one of them. 
Today in Barlonyo, a memorial honors those who were killed in the massacre
         Today in Barlonyo, a memorial honors those who were killed in the massacre, including Janet's father.  
Somehow, Janet escaped. But the life she returned to was miserable. The camp already had little food and even less work. Without her father, her family was truly desperate.
"My life was miserable and full of worries about the future," she remembers. "I used to fall sick and could not afford to buy even the smallest medication. I had nowhere to sleep, and we missed meals very often." 
Janet's family had a small plot of land where they would attempt to grow enough food to survive. "I would work in the garden until my hands got swollen and come back home late," she shares. "I would be so tired, yet sometimes there would be no food for me." 
Janet was able to attend school, but only when money was available. Inevitably, every year she would end up getting kicked out of school for not paying. "I felt defeated when I saw other kids come back home at the end of the term with their report cards because their families paid their fees," she says. 
But one day, God sent someone to lift Janet out of danger.  As Moses was rescued from the river by an unsuspecting princess, God used people all the way on the other side of the world to give Janet hope and a future again. 
When Janet moved into the COTN Children's Homes, her life changed completely.
        When Janet moved into the Children of the Nations (COTN) Children's Homes, her life changed completely. 
Janet was identified to come live in the new Uganda Children's Village that people like you helped fund and build. In 2007, when she was 11 years old, Janet's hope was restored. "I am full of joy now, because COTN is meeting all my needs," she says. 
No longer does Janet look longingly at the other children when they come home with their report cards. She is now in seventh grade, and because of her sponsors' support, she is never sent home from school for lack of fees. 
Today, Janet dreams of becoming a lawyer to defend the rights of the poor
         You have restored Janet's future. Today, she dreams of becoming a lawyer to defend the rights of the poor. 
Because all of her daily needs are provided thanks to you, Janet can now dream about her future. "I want to be a lawyer when I grow up," she explains, "to practice justice and ensure that the poor are not oppressed in the courts of law." 
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