School's Out! What Vacation Looks Like in Africa


With school just getting out all over the United States, you might be wondering how the children you support in Africa and the Caribbean are spending their summer vacation. Here are some photos from a recent school vacation in Uganda, so you can get an idea of how the children at the Children of the Nations' Children's Village spend their time when they are not in school:
These vacation days contain chores:

           Mama Lucy shells peanuts and spends time with the girls from her home at the Children's Village.

                                                            Innocent chops tomatoes for dinner.

                                               Obote teaches other children how to mend their shoes.


                                         Monica finds a quiet corner of the Children's Village and draws.

And fun!

                                                                       Playing with bunnies

                                                             And dancing at a church conference!

Of course, there are also some exciting events to look forward to this summer: Center Day celebrations, visits from many different Venture Teams, and summer camp, thanks to your generous support! Stay tuned for more updates on these summer events. 

What are your summer plans? How does vacation in Uganda look different from vacation here? Comment below: