A Hunger for Knowledge: Patrick's Story


He was one of those kids. You know, the ones who are always hanging around, with big, hungry eyes. The ones who materialize whenever there is any work—desperate to do something, regardless if there is any monetary compensation. And then as fast as he showed up, he would disappear—no one knew where he lived. 

Patrick used to show up at COTN's ministry site to do small tasks
Patrick used to show up at Children of the Nations' ministry site to do small tasks like carrying water for workers.
The truth was, Patrick lived on the streets. Both of his parents had died, and his relatives beat him. So he left home. He desperately wanted to go to school, to learn, to make something of his life. But he had no options. So whenever contractors or Venture participants gathered to work on Children of the Nations' (COTN) new Children's Village, little eight-year-old Patrick showed up too—drawn by their warm smiles and willingness to let him help out. 
For several weeks, Patrick helped fetch water for Venture Teams and construction workers. COTN staff noticed him, and asked around who this small, hard worker was. But no one knew. 
When construction was finished, Patrick went back to the streets of Anai-Okii, and COTN staff worried they would never see him again. 
But it didn't take long. One day some COTN staff members were traveling through Anai-Okii in COTN's red truck. They were used to having small children flock around them, curious to see why this new vehicle was always around town. In one group of children, a staff member recognized Patrick. He beckoned to Patrick and asked him why he was on the street. When Patrick told him his story, the staff member made sure to see if there was room for him in COTN's child sponsorship program. 
Though COTN has Children's Homes for orphans like Patrick, it's always our priority to help children stay with their relatives if possible. So COTN staff helped Patrick find an aunt and uncle he could live with, and enrolled him in COTN's sponsorship program so he could begin attending school and receiving daily meals. 
Patrick began attending school and receiving daily meals, thanks to his sponsors
          Patrick began attending school and receiving daily meals, thanks to his sponsors and partners like you.
Patrick had always dreamed of attending school. "When I saw other kids being taken to school by their parents every morning, I used to hide and cry," Patrick remembers. Because of people like you, Patrick was finally able to join the other children on their way to school. "I am now happy, because I see a good future through my education," he says. "My life is relieved from many worries because I am aware that you care for me." 
Once in school, Patrick picked things up quickly. Hungry to learn, his mind soaked up everything and put it to use. He excels in science and dreams of becoming a doctor. He is also one of the founding members of COTN's Science Club, and astounded everyone last month when he presented a battery-powered helicopter he built from scrap metal and paper!
Patrick amazed everyone with the helicopter he built from scratch.
                                          Patrick amazed everyone with the helicopter he built from scratch.
Because of your support and care, Patrick has learned that God loves him. "I have learned that God is a loving God, and always helps the needy," he says. Now, he hopes to show the love of God to other children in his village—the same way you have cared for him.  "I want to become a doctor so I can show love to the sick," he says. 
You can give a child like Patrick hope and a future. Sponsor a child in Africa today!


Touching. But the fact is there are innumerable such children who have hunger to learn and study and yet are denied of all those basic rights. Its an honour that You guys could help few such children and fill their life with brightness of knowledge.