Three Photos with Surprising Potential


What do you see in this photo?

An ordinary jerry can
Most people see a simple container for carrying water. But not Samuel. Samuel of Uganda sees the ideal material for building a radio. 
Samuel's jerry can radio
                  Samuel of Uganda used wires and scraps to build a radio in a jerry can, and it actually works!
Samuel with his homemade radio
What do you see in this photo? 
Patrick of Uganda
Most people see a thin, poorly clothed African orphan.  Poverty, lack of education, and disease come to mind. Many people would look at this photo and feel pity. 
At Children of the Nations, we see a child who is no longer an orphan, thanks to people like you who welcomed him into the COTN family. We see a future doctor or engineer, thanks to his sponsors, who are providing for his education. And we see overwhelming ingenuity and creativity. 
                                                       Now do you see it, too?
Patrick built this battery-powered helicopter out of scraps he found
Patrick built this helicopter out of scrap metal, paper, and batteries. When he turns it on, the propellers rotate. One day, we believe this boy will build a helicopter that actually flies. Or fly one himself. 
What do you see in this photo?
Map of Africa
Many people see a continent ridden with disease, poverty, corruption, and war.
We see intelligence, creativity, joy, passion, and inspiring faith. We see children brimming with potential and ingenuity. We see hope that, with your support, these children will one day transform their families, communities, and nations. 
                                                       Do you see it, too?
Children in a COTN school in Sierra Leone
Hundreds of children are waiting for people like you to provide the education, food, clothes, and spiritual support they need to realize their potential, and one day change their nations. Will you help them? Sponsor a child today!