Can I Pray for You Before You Go Back to America?


On my first trip to Uganda, I got to meet the girl our family sponsors through Children of the Nations (COTN). Her name is Sharon. 

Brandon and his sponsored child, Sharon
I will never forget the day I went home from that first trip. I was leaving COTN's home, where former orphan children were being cared for. As I started to leave Sharon said to me, “Can I pray for you before you go back to America?” “Of course,” I said. “Yes!” She then proceeded to place her hand on my shoulder and pray the most beautiful prayer that I have ever heard in my life. The more she prayed for me and my family by name the more tears fell down my face. 
During her prayer, I was experiencing the vision of COTN firsthand—“Raising Children Who Transform Nations.” Sharon has been transformed by the care and love of COTN. She has been transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ. As a result of the nurturing of the COTN–Uganda staff, this young girl prayed with confidence, boldness, and great faith. Keep in mind that before COTN, Sharon was alone and had nobody to care for her. Now Sharon has an unshakable hope and a bright future.  
Since the first trip to Africa when Sharon prayed for me, I have been back to Uganda many times. Every time I visit I am privileged to see hundreds of children’s lives completely transformed by the ministry of COTN. In our house in Texas there is a basket in the living room full of letters and drawings we have received from Sharon and other kids over the years. Nobody gets through any of those letters without shedding tears of joy.  
Brandon plays with children on a recent trip to Uganda
                                                  Brandon plays with children on a recent trip to Uganda.
Many of my friends sponsor children through COTN but have never gone to the country where their sponsored child lives. They don’t have to. The interaction that takes place between their family and their sponsored child through the mail is amazing. 
When you sponsor a child through COTN, it’s such an incredible experience! You are not just writing a check, you are building a relationship. You are not just saving a child from hunger, or providing them an education; you are getting to see hope fill their heart and change the life of a child.  
I know firsthand that getting to be a part the COTN sponsor experience will change your life as well. I hope and pray that today you will sponsor a child, make a donation to COTN, get involved in some way, or even go on a Venture Trip to one of the countries they serve. I will be returning to Uganda in June and I am looking forward to hearing the words I hear at the end of every trip I take—“Can I pray for you before you go back to America?” 
Children in Uganda pray
                                                                       Children in Uganda pray.