Celebrating the Mosquito Nets You Gave!


Center Day is a day to invite parents, siblings, and the whole surrounding community to celebrate and learn about the transformation people like you are bringing through Children of the Nations (COTN). In Uganda, where Venture participants organized the first-ever COTN Center Day almost two years ago, these celebrations are a regular occurrence. 

But the Center Day that took place on Saturday, April 6, was especially exciting. Partners like you gave thousands of dollars last fall to help children stay healthy and in school this year by providing mosquito nets. On Center Day, the children and their families heard a great presentation about the importance of malaria prevention. Then every child received his or her own mosquito net! 

Check out the photos below of this wonderful Center Day celebration. Make sure to go all the way to the end to see the children with the new mosquito nets you provided!

                                   The children performed traditional dances for their parents and families. 

Girls from COTN's child sponsorship program perform a traditional dance—leaping and jumping with pots balanced on their heads!

                                       Then the mothers got a chance to show off their pot-balancing skills.

                                         Every class presented, even the youngest nursery school students.

                                            The science club presented their battery-powered helicopter!

                                       Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal together—there was a lot of food!

           Before the mosquito net distribution, children and parents learned how to identify and prevent malaria.

Then, the most exciting part—every child in our Village Partnership Program got a mosquito net, thanks to partners like you!

                                        The children were very grateful for their mosquito nets. Thank you!    

After the distribution, children like Nyankori (below) went home to set up their new nets. Nyankori was thrilled that his bed looked so nice with his new blanket and mosquito net, both from partners like you! Best of all, he knows the net will keep him healthy, and he won't have to miss school because of malaria, thanks to people like you.

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Great photos! They make me want to go back to Uganda!