Visiting Our Newest Secondary Students


Secondary school is beyond most girls' wildest dreams in Uganda. In fact, only twenty-one percent of all girls, and twenty-two percent of all boys in Uganda attend secondary school. Finishing primary school is hard enough for most children, let alone getting into secondary school and finding the money for tuition.

But because of people like you, the story is different for the children in our care. Because of your support through child sponsorship, our first group of girls in Uganda just graduated from primary school, passing their final exam with very high marks! The girls are now attending a secondary boarding school. 

At all Uganda secondary schools, visiting day is very important. It is the day when parents come and see how their child is doing at school. Parents always bring some delicious food for a picnic, and treats to leave with their children—much as parents in America send care packages to their college students.

Our girls may not have parents, but they were not left out on visiting day! Come along with Children of the Nations Uganda liaison "Mama Sylvia," and in-country staff members "Mama Noreen," "Mama Sarah," and "Uncle Thomas," to see how the girls are doing at secondary school!

Mama Sylvia and Mama Sarah make treats for sponsored children
          The day begins early, as Mama Sarah and Mama Sylvia prepare special treats for the girls to enjoy.

        Then they drive to St. Katherine's Secondary School in Lira, where the girls now stay as boarding students.

                                      Uncle Thomas enjoys a picnic lunch of rice and meat with the girls.

Sponsor a child like Mary
           Mary smiles as she enjoys rice and meat—a big treat compared to the plain food served at school.

                          All the girls are doing well in secondary school, and were happy to see their COTN family!

                   Thank you for helping these girls get a great education—one day they will change their nation! 

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