A Day in the Life of a Ugandan Child


The day begins early for Guido, as it does for most children living in the Ugandan village of Anai-Okii.  He gets up at 6 a.m. to fetch water for the morning. Guido is blessed—because of partners like you who helped build a well right in his village.  He doesn't have to go far, and the water he draws is fresh and safe to drink. 

                                      6 a.m.: Guido draws water at the village well that partners like you funded.

Guido uses the clean water to brush hs teeth and clean his legs for school. He brushes his teeth every day using a toothbrush from a Hygiene SmilePack® that someone like you donated. 

                                     Every morning, Guido uses the toothbrush that partners like you donated.

By 7 a.m., Guido is all dressed, clean, and ready for school. He takes off walking to school carrying his cup and plate for school lunch. Education is not free in Uganda, but because of Guido's sponsors, who provide for his school expenses, and the partners who helped build the Children of the Nations (COTN) school in Uganda, Guido is able to attend school.

                                       7 a.m.: Guido is all dressed and clean, and ready for school!

                            7 a.m.: Guido walks down the road to the school that partners like you helped build.

At 7:10, the school day begins for Guido with an assembly. At 7:30, classes begin. Seven-year-old Guido is in first grade, and loves getting the chance to learn. In school, he studies math, English, science, and history. He also gets to do art projects and songs. All the students have devotional time too, when they learn about God and His love for them.

                                                 Guido's classmates working on an art project in school.

At 10 a.m., Guido lines up for breakfast, and he and his classmates enjoy warm porridge. Then he goes back to class for more lessons. One o'clock is lunch time, and Guido eats a huge helping of posho (a cornmeal staple in Uganda), beans, and vegetables. And just like school in the United States, Guido gets recess after lunch. 

                                                                10 a.m.: Guido's class lines up for porridge.

After lunch and recess, Guido goes back to class from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. The kids help sweep and mop the classrooms for fifteen minutes after school, then Guido sticks around to play with his friends. By 5:00, he has made the journey back home, and it is time for chores again. Guido changes into play clothes so he can keep his uniform clean.

Guido's mother, a widow who supports five children, is grateful that Guido's sponsors and generous people like you provide two meals every day for Guido. That means she only has to worry about one, which she is able to provide. Guido helps prepare his meal for the evening by pounding groundnuts (similar to peanuts) into a paste for sauce. He is happy to help, and his mother is happy she can provide one meal for him, and not worry about the rest, thanks to you! 

                                       Guido happily helps his mother prepare his last meal of the day.

Thank you for helping children in Africa like Guido! His day is full of good food, learning, and hope, because of YOU! 

You can help children in Africa like Guido! Sponsor a child today!