From the Lips of Children: Fiona and Friends Initiate Door-to-Door Evangelism


When we think about raising children who transform nations, often we think that will happen down the road, once the children grow up and get jobs.  But children like Fiona aren't waiting to grow up to share the love, growth, and transformation God has brought into their lives through partners like you. 

Fiona is a typical fourteen-year-old Ugandan girl.  Her parents have both died, so she lives with her aunt. She has a group of close girl friends that she spends most of her time with in her village, Anai-Okii
One day, Pastor Richard, COTN–Uganda's Spiritual Development Director, was visiting some families on the outskirts of Anai-Okii, when he happened to run into Fiona and her friends.  Wondering what they were doing so far from their homes, Pastor Richard asked Fiona.  "We are moving from house to house," Fiona replied, "witnessing to people in the village."  
Intrigued by her response, Pastor Richard continued to ask Fiona questions, and the whole story came out.  
"She told me that one of her friends got a message from the Lord, who told them that they should tell the people to get saved because the return of the Lord is near," relates Pastor Richard.  Not wanting to make a rash decision, Fiona and her friends decided to pray for confirmation.  Fiona says the Lord assured each one of them in their hearts that this is what He wanted them to do. 
So the ten of them obeyed the word they heard, and began knocking on doors.  Fiona was nervous to share her faith with adults—after all, she is only fourteen.  "Some of them despise us because we are mere children," she says.  "But others appreciate us and encourage us to keep it up."  In the last three excursions the children have made, five people have heard their words and decided to give their lives to follow the great and wonderful savior the girls spoke of. 
When Fiona first came into Children of the Nations' child sponsorship program, she was a shy, quiet girl.  She wasn't attending school, and barely got enough to eat each day.  Through your care, not only has Fiona's physical life improved, she has blossomed spiritually as well. Your care is having an impact on every one of Fiona's friends, neighbors, and her whole village!  Now that's transformation!
You can impact a whole village through child sponsorship! Sponsor a child like Fiona today.