Thanks to You, Thirty-two Students Graduate in Uganda


On December 1, 2012, thirty-two of our youngest students in Uganda graduated from nursery school. It's because of your care that they have the incredible head start of early childhood education. With your continued support, they will continue on to primary school, and one day, they will begin secondary school and may even go on to university. This first step is a big accomplishment in this country. Education Consultant Lindsey Mueller was there for the exciting celebration of graduation, and wrote about it from Uganda:

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to take part in the graduation ceremony of the students in "Top Class" in the Children of the Nations (COTN) nursery school. There are thirty-two students who have now completed three years of nursery school, and next year will begin their elementary school career. It was an amazingly beautiful day.
To start the ceremony, the children, who were dressed in tiny caps and gowns, marched to their seats. While they were marching, the mothers in the crowd started yelling and came to march with their children. The pride they had in their children finishing nursery school was evident. All the women were dressed in their best gomas (Ugandan dresses worn for special occasions) and they were all yelling and shouting as their children marched to their seats.
The ceremony lasted more than two hours, and those nursery students sat attentively the entire time. Of course they are children, so there was fidgeting, but they sat and listened to each speaker who congratulated them on their success. The speakers also encouraged the parents. They told parents to continue to send their children to school. They encouraged the parents to love their children, and to raise them to be good members of society. They reminded parents of the trauma this country has faced and that education is one of the keys to continuing in a positive direction. 
After all the speeches, each child was given a picture of themselves and a certificate of completion. As each child’s name was read, their family members jumped out of their seats, ran up and grabbed their child, and carried them to receive their certificate. The smiles and expressions of joy were absolutely beautiful.  The ceremony ended with a feast. All the children and parents were fed—around 500 people. 
I have been here for six months and struggle to find an occasion happier than this one. The parents were so proud of their children, the teachers were proud of the children and community, and the children were glowing as they received their certificate. Six children who live in the Uganda Children's Village were among this graduating class and I have to admit I kind of felt like one of those proud parents. I have only been here a short time, but I was so happy for each child and pray that they continue to see success as they continue down the road. 
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