Next Stop for Janet: High School


This month, Janet will graduate from seventh grade and prepare to begin secondary school.  If you asked her five years ago if she could ever imagine graduating, Janet would have shaken her head in disbelief.  Her main focus back then was finding one meal each day.  She had no time or energy to dream about her goals—and graduating from primary school seemed nearly impossible.  

"My life was so stressed," Janet recalls, remembering the daily struggle for food in war-torn northern Uganda.  "I had no alternative but to earn food by digging in people's gardens.  Sometimes I would do that and end up not being paid.  Those days, I would go without a meal, which we could only afford to have once a day." 
Janet and her two brothers lived alone after their father was tragically killed in a rebel attack on the camp they lived in, and their mother disappeared.  The three of them tried to support themselves by working in gardens or making charcoal, but it was difficult.  "I was looking very miserable and poor," Janet remembers.  "I had almost no clothes to put on."  Janet remembers sleeping on the ground with her two brothers, all huddled under one blanket.
In 2007, when partners like you helped build the first Children of the Nations (COTN) Uganda Children's Homes, in-country staff visited the Barlonyo Camp for internally displaced persons, to identify children in desperate need of care.  This was the camp Janet and her brothers had grown up in, and the place their father was killed.  Though the children had moved to a neighboring village after the attack on the camp, Janet's older brother had gone back to Barlonyo to look for work.  When he heard about COTN, he immediately went to get Janet, who was ten years old at the time.  
As soon as COTN staff met Janet, it was clear that she so desperately needed to live in a real home, with adults to care for her, three meals a day, and the ability to attend school.  And that's exactly what partners like you provided for Janet, and continue to provide to this day.  Janet moved into the newly-constructed COTN Children's Village, and from that moment on, she no longer had to worry about what she would eat, what she would wear, and how her needs would be met.  Her sponsors provided financially for all her basic needs, and in-country staff members were there to make sure she got all the emotional and spiritual support she needed.  Janet's life was transformed. 
Now, as she goes on to high school, Janet wants to take the transformation you have nurtured in her life and spread it to her community and nation.  "I want to become a teacher," she explains, "to help supply information and knowledge to children in our village, so they can also come out of ignorance." Her dream for Uganda, she says, is to see an end to all corruption.  As you continue to support children like Janet, you are a part of seeing this dream come true.  You are raising children who will transform nations! 
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