Small Nets Make Big Differences


You've probably heard the saying, "If you don't think small things can make a big difference, try spending the night with a mosquito in the room."

For most of us, a mosquito in the room is enough to ruin a night's sleep.  But for a child in Africa, a mosquito makes a much bigger difference—their bites mean illness, missing school, falling behind in class, and perhaps even repeating a grade or dropping out altogether.  The worst cases of malaria end in death—the fate of over 600,000 people annually. But for millions more, constant bouts of malaria cause countless days lost at school, and can mean the difference between graduating and failing.

"Missing school and at times exams because I am sick with malaria makes me feel so unfortunate," shares Isaac, a child from the Children of the Nations (COTN) Children's Village in Uganda.  "I may be made to repeat a class because I have missed exams during the time I was sick," he explains.

But just as a tiny mosquito can make a big difference over one night, so partners like you are making an even bigger difference with your compassion and care.

During our Hope for the Children campaign, partners are providing a simple solution to the age-old battle with malaria by providing children with mosquito nets. By purchasing these nets for only $25—less than we would spend on a night at the movies—you are not only protecting children from illness, but you are helping them attend school every day so they can do their best.

Isaac proudly shows off the mosquito net that partners like you have provided for him.  He knows it is because of partners like you that he has this net, and this makes the simple covering that protects him from malaria even more meaningful.  "Emotionally, I feel so good and encouraged to know that somebody cares about my health," he says.

Isaac wants to be a civil engineer when he grows up, so he needs all the study time he can get.  "Being healthy helps me to participate in all activities at the school," he explains. "Education is the way into a good future, and this can only be achieved when I am healthy."

Thank you for making a way to a good future for these children! They are all thankful for the mosquito nets and everything else you provide for them.



Thank you! from Children of the Nations on Vimeo.