Children in Uganda Say "Glory Be to God for the Land!"


This January, the children we serve in Uganda celebrated because generous Children of the Nations (COTN) partners gave them an incredible gift.  Our partners provided for the purchase of a strategic piece of land, which will allow for the expansion of our Uganda farm and provide the space to build additional structures, like a sports field and offices, to bless our children.

Because of your ongoing support we have tremendous opportunity to develop this land, expand our ministry, and provide food forever for the children.  The children, who recently had the joy of bringing in an abundant harvest from the small farm on the land we already own, are excited to see their yields increase exponentially with the new land.  Remembering the banana harvest, 17-year-old Samuel's whole face lights up.  "There are a lot of people who enjoyed eating those bananas," he says as he proudly shows off the trees he harvested.  "They were enjoying it, they were laughing, they were so happy.  I'm so proud."

For children like Samuel, who grew up in IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps with little means to find or grow food, having a farm and the promise of food forever is a huge deal.  Samuel and his family used to collect old water bottles and resell them to scrape together enough money for food.  He remembers only eating three times a week for a good part of his childhood.  Lameck, who lives with Samuel at the Uganda Children's Village, remembers picking through broken pieces of rice from the husking factory for food.  "We could only afford one meal a day," he remembers.  "At times we would fail to get it and do without."

The goal for the new farmland is not only to supply more and more of the ingredients needed to feed over 300 children daily, but also to teach the children the basic practices of sustainable farming. “I want to have a good agricultural foundation with enough knowledge so that in the future when I grow up I will be able to practice the same very successfully,” says Samuel.  Our prayer is that this foundation will inspire and equip the children to transform their nation into the breadbasket of the region, and northern Uganda will be a place where no child goes hungry.

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