Good News for all People: Audio Bibles Bless Nations


Children of the Nations (COTN) Consultant Manager Andy Taussig was showing the JESUS film deep in rural Sierra Leone when he first came up with the idea of distributing audio Bibles.  "Hundreds of people were raising their hands wanting to follow Jesus," Andy recounts.  "But there were no pastors or evangelists in the region that would be going back to follow up, there was no church for them to attend, they couldn't read, and in some cases there were no other believers in their villages!  How would they get the spiritual food necessary to know how to follow Jesus?"  

An organization called Faith Comes By Hearing has the perfect solution to this problem: solar powered audio Bibles in local languages, called Proclaimers.  Early this year, with support from our partners and Faith Comes By Hearing, Proclaimers were distributed to COTN in-country staff in each of the nations we serve.  Staff kept some for the children in COTN schools and Children's Homes. They gave the rest to local leaders and pastors, who agreed to start "listening groups" at least once a week.  

In-country staff members report that the Proclaimers are a new, engaging way for children to hear God's word.  In the Dominican Republic, children in COTN's I Love Baseball program are listening to selections from the Bible each day before practice, and younger children from the schools start the day by listening to a Bible story.  The children are captivated and fascinated by the dramatic style in which the stories are read.  

In Uganda, Proclaimers are a hot commodity.  Andy reports that when word got out that COTN–Uganda had audio Bibles, a pastor traveled six hours on public transportation to receive one.  He is the pastor of a church near a school for the blind, and said, "I want these students to hear the good news about Jesus Christ!"  When Andy gave a Proclaimer to Pastor Christopher Odongo, COTN's sponsorship coordinator who also runs a home for street kids in Lira, and asked him to host a listening group once a week, Pastor Odongo became confused.  "Would it be okay if I used it more than once a week?" he asked.  He brought the Proclaimer back to his children's home, and the children huddled around in the dark to hear the gospel of Matthew.  

After the audio Bibles were distributed, and agreements made to host listening groups, reports began to come back from the community.  "Many souls are revived," reports Pastor Margret Ego who ministers in Ober village, a suburb of Lira.  "Some believers have commented to me that the Proclaimer has helped them to learn some truths that they have never heard their pastor preaching to them.  It makes it possible for them to hear and learn the full gospel, rather than partly from their pastors."  Pastors in the area reported that a total of eight people who had never before heard the gospel made decisions to follow Christ after hearing the audio Bible.  "The Proclaimer is being used by God to bless the lives of many people here in wonderful ways," reports Pastor Richard, COTN–Uganda's Spiritual Empowerment Director.  

You can change a child's life today.  Sponsor a child in Africa or the Caribbean.  

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