Rising Above His Circumstances to Help Others: Lameck's Story


Lameck remembers the exact time he was invited to live in the Children of the Nations (COTN) Uganda Children's Village.  He was living in an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp because he had lost his home to the Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group that destroyed homes and families in northern Uganda for nearly two decades.  Lameck's mother was murdered by the LRA, and his father killed by a band of cattle raiders.  In the camp, Lameck lived with his aunt, grandmother, and other siblings and cousins—all huddled into one tiny temporary grass hut. Lameck spent his days rooting through rubbish pits, looking for old water bottles to sell to local women who would use them as containers to sell their shea oil.  He collected broken pieces of rice from the husking factory for food.

"We could only afford one meal a day," remembers Lameck.  "And at times we would fail to get it and do without."  Lameck was preparing to eat his one meal of the day when the news of COTN reached him.  "We were cooking rice and beans," he recalls, "and out of excitement, I did not eat this last meal."  Missing your only meal of the day was unheard-of in the camp, but Lameck explains that in that moment, "I felt my life was moving in a new dimension."  Lameck will never forget his first day in the Children's Village.  "I felt a difference in my life right from the first day I stepped into COTN," he remembers.  "It was my first time ever in life to eat delicious food, and I was fully satisfied."

At COTN's Uganda Children's Village, Lameck lives in a home with twelve other boys— his COTN "brothers"— and his housemother, Mummy Sarah Auma.  Fifty-seven other children from the camps live in this village with Lameck, and they all attend COTN's school.  In the camp, Lameck was able to attend school, but he did not enjoy it.  "They taught in the local language, but the exams would be set in English and I would fail a lot," Lameck explains.  "Being almost last in the class made me see no value in school so I would dodge it a lot."

Lameck is a very smart boy, so when he finally got to attend a school with good teachers and resources, he was able to thrive.  COTN partners fund this school, and make sure all the students have the resources they need to succeed.  Together with the dedicated in-country teaching staff, you have made it possible for Lameck to begin to enjoy school, and then discover his talents and passions.  Lameck also says  his sponsors have been very encouraging to him—writing him letters and inspiring him to try his hardest in school. Today, Lameck is in sixth grade, and he's doing very well in school.  His favorite subjects are science and math, and he has discovered he is very good at fixing small electronics around the Children's Homes.  He even made a small battery powered light for his room.

Lameck's favorite Bible story is the story of Joseph, and he hopes his life reflects some of the lessons this story teaches.  "It teaches me that you can pass through a lot of problems," Lameck explains, "but when you are humble, God raises you up above the circumstance and uses you to deliver others, as Joseph later rescued his brothers from famine."

Lameck's goals for his future focus on serving COTN and his nation.  "I want to be a mechanical engineer because I feel COTN spends a lot of money in repairing vehicles," he explains.  "If I become an engineer, I will repair COTN vehicles free of charge and save that money for the rest of the children in the home."  With your faithful support and his knack for all things mechanical, Lameck sees this as an achievable goal.  He asks that you pray he may accomplish even bigger things than this in his future.  "I want prayers for me so that my dream of becoming an engineer comes true.  Not only that, but that I can put up a firm where spare parts of all motor vehicles can be accessed or even manufacture vehicles instead of importing them from abroad."

Lameck is blessed to have sponsors who support his education and care, and encourage him.  But we have many children who are still waiting for sponsors.  Change a child's life—sponsor a child today!