"God is a Miracle Worker": Ritah's Story


For as long as she can remember, Ritah has been an orphan.  She's heard about her parents, but they died before she was old enough to remember them.  Mostly, Ritah remembers being lonely and neglected—her aunt took her in, but couldn't care for her.

When Children of the Nations (COTN) started identifying children to come into our full-care Children's Village in Anai-Okii, Uganda, local leaders recommended that Ritah be one of them. Thanks to her sponsors, Ritah was able to move into the Children's Village, where she has eight other "brothers" and "sisters" to play with, and house parents who love her.  A home and a family is something Ritah had never experienced before, and it's her favorite part of living at the Children's Village.  "I freely interact and play with my brothers and sisters here at the home," she says, grateful for her new family.

When Ritah entered the Children's Village, she began learning about God and His love for her.  Within months, Ritah had made the decision to give her life to Christ.  "I have learned that God is a miracle worker," says Ritah, thinking of the wonders He has already done in her life.  "He is my protector," she proclaims.

Ritah is growing up well at the Children's Home.  Now eight, she has just been promoted to third grade.  Her favorite part of school is getting to read books.  She is an avid reader and says, "I like reading books, especially a book called Read Well."

Ritah's life has been dramatically changed by the grace of God, and by the generosity of partners, who made it possible for Ritah to live in a home with a family, attend school, and learn about Jesus.  When she grows up, she wants to share the joy she has found in Jesus.  "I want to be a pastor," she says, "because I admire preaching and praying for people."

Ritah's sponsors have truly changed her life.  Sponsor a child like Ritah today!

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