A Child's Story: Geoffrey Ogweng - Rescued from the Streets of Uganda


After the death of his parents, Geoffrey Ogweng found it hard to survive under the care of his wild elder sister at Kichope Village in Lira District, Uganda. Oftentimes he would escape to the streets of Lira town in search of a better life. Life was so hard for Geoffrey because his elder sister always punished and beat him. The trauma inflicted on him made him mentally unsound; he looked very abnormal and some people thought he was mad.

Geoffrey’s situation was worth considering; local leaders and the neighbors around grew concerned and made this known to the registration officers at Children of the Nations–Uganda.

In 2009, at age nine, Geoffrey came under the care of Children of the Nations (COTN) at our Uganda Children’s Village in Lira. However, the home mothers had to struggle with his character. He was wild, loved fighting, and did not want to be rebuked. He even ran away from the children’s home to his mother’s village, which is about thirty kilometers away. COTN staff members sought Geoffrey out and brought him back.

Geoffrey was so traumatized by all that he went through after the death of his parents that when he first came into the program he could hardly talk. Whenever asked about his story he would respond in tears, says Rose Luka, one of COTN’s counselors.

“My life has changed. I used to fight so much, but now I don’t,” Geoffrey says with a smile. “I even hear people comment that I have changed and now that I am here at COTN, I find love in the hands of my home mother. I get a good feeding [and] dress well, which is far different when I was with my elder sister. I even now attend school.”

Now as we report, Geoffrey’s life has been turned upside down due to the services rendered to him by COTN, he is now in second grade at COTN’s primary school. After a long day of learning he comes home to his own bed, surrounded by feelings of safety and love. His house mother nurtures his dreams, quieting the contradicting voices that tell him he cannot be someone.

“I want to be a doctor. I admire doctors and I am always praying to God about it,” says Geoffrey. The little boy sounds intelligent and bold when he speaks. He also loves rearing goats at the children’s home and is doing well in his Christian education at school.

Because of Geoffrey’s transformation, he is a blessing to all those around him, especially his fellow brothers at the home. He is also a testimony to all who knew him before. His intelligence and boldness show that he is a future leader who will cause a great impact in the lives of people. Looking at Geoffrey now, it’s hard to believe he had a past that was spoiled!

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