A Child’s Story - Denis Omara of Uganda


"Before I came to COTN", says 12-year-old Denis Omara, one of the children currently living in our temporary Children’s Home in Lira, "my life in the village was full of fear of the rebels, as we would be running all the time, sleeping in the bush. At times rain would fall on us. I was always dirty and couldn't bother to keep myself clean," he remembers. "Our family couldn't get enough food to feed us. Because of this, we resorted to fishing, which barely was able to sustain our family."

Prior to coming to COTN, Denis lived with his three sisters and two brothers in the village of Odokomil. His father died during a rebel attack in 2004, and his mother abandoned them to return to Zaire, where she is originally from. His oldest sister, fourteen years of age, became the head of their household.

Denis and his siblings came into the care of COTN in 2006. "When I came to COTN," he says, "my life changed. School is paid for, our house is comfortable, we have a good toilet system with water flushing, the beds we sleep on give us enough comfort, and I can read better than I could when I was living in Odokomil.”

When asked about his plans for the future, Denis replies, "I see myself as a teacher in Kampala, bringing all of the children who have similar situations as mine into a central place like COTN." Denis has a very generous heart as well, saying, “I would also purchase everything they need and give them rides in my car."

Pray that he grows stronger in his goals, and God blesses his generous heart, filled with compassion for others who must face the things he has had to experience in his life.

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