Uganda Children's Village Phase Two Underway!


With the financing for the construction of Phase One completed, we are now ready to move forward and begin raising funds for Phase Two! The plans for Phase One included purchasing and clearing the land, designing architectural plans, building the first seven children’s homes and constructing the first block of classrooms.

Phase Two implementation begins once the construction ends. With the buildings in place, we will be transitioning the children from their current place of residence (a rented house in Lira) into the new homes. In order to do this, we need to install plumbing, build a water well, furnish the homes, kitchen and classrooms, outfit the classrooms with teaching materials, and pay the teaching staff.

We will also need to establish funding for the administrative costs involved in bringing new children into our care. We do this through the Rescue Fund, created just for this purpose. This is a great need, as we are planning to bring in around 70 new children this year in addition to the 29 currently in our care once the homes are completed.

The long-term plan is to eventually have 28 residential children’s homes divided into four units (seven homes to a unit). We will also have a full-fledged school, a library, a main hall for feeding and to use as a community facility, an administrative office, and a guest house for visiting Venture teams and interns.

This is a big vision, and God has blessed us already in so many ways. Please join us in praying for the above needs to be met, and for the construction to go smoothly so the children can move into their new homes.