JESUS Film Update


Last month, the JESUS Film Ministry in Uganda conducted three showings of the film in connection with gospel crusades. After seeing the film, 107 children and 63 adults confessed Jesus Christ as Savior!

“We have realized that the JESUS film shows we do here using the projector technology have proved to be greatly effective,” Richard Obeny, COTN–Uganda JESUS Film Project Manager, said. “The fact is that a projector here is rare and whenever we stage an outdoor show, great crowds of different backgrounds are automatically drawn to hear the gospel. And to their astonishment, when they come they neither hear nor see any other message on the video except Jesus Christ.”

COTN staff members were also encouraged by opportunities to show the film in new venues and see hurting children and adults receive the message of Christ. One film showing was done in an area that experienced the brunt of the 21-year rebel insurgency in northern Uganda by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Another showing of the film was conducted in the neighborhood of a dying church. After about 50 there accepted Christ, many of these people came to the church to attend discipleship class and counseling—a positive sign of the living power of the gospel!

“One thing that has been of great encouragement to us to continue in this ministry is the positive results and fruits that it bears,” Richard Obeny said. “This result is a clear indication of the Lord’s favor upon this ministry, as well as commitment and devotion from all partners.”