The 285K On Its Way


Pallets of 285K Meal Marathon food, which was packaged by volunteers last May, is on its way to Northern Uganda’s displacement camps. The food, along with shoes, clothing, an industrial stove, and various other supplies were tightly packed into a 40-foot shipping container on Tuesday, July 3rd as volunteers rallied at the COTN–USA headquarters in Silverdale, WA.

The container loading event also signified a few firsts for COTN: the first use of our new warehouse loading dock, along with our first container loading with our recently donated forklift, given this spring by George Tandoo and Northwest Forklift. Volunteers assisted Dave Schertzer, COTN–USA’s Resource Manager in loading the container. A number of volunteers made the trip from Seattle to help out. The loading went smoothly and the container was locked and sealed after a prayer of safety and blessing was said for the driver, the contents of the container, and the long journey ahead.

No one expected the first obstacle of the voyage to be simply getting out of COTN’s driveway. The driveway proved to be challenging to the truck driver who said he had been driving trucks since he was 11 years old. However, his expertise and the assistance of Kitsap Towing allowed the container to make it out onto the open road.

The journey for the container is expected to take a little more than 55 days. It will arrive in Hong Kong before departing for Mombasa, Kenya. After its arrival, the container will be driven to Kampala, the capital of Uganda. From there the container will be unloaded and the much needed food and clothing will provide hope and nutrition for thousands of destitute children and families in Northern Uganda.