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A Brighter Future: How Solar Power Is Changing the Lives of Hundreds of Children in Uganda Uganda
For those of us who have easy access to electricity, our lives revolve around it
Apr 22, 2021 -

For those of us who have easy access to electricity, our lives revolve around it.

You wake up in the morning and check your phone, which is plugged in and charging. You walk into your kitchen and plug in your toaster and coffee maker to start making breakfast. You go into your bathroom, turn on the light, and brush your teeth with your electric toothbrush. And your day has just started.


9 Bite-Sized Pieces of Good News that Prove the World Becoming is a Better Place Uganda
Jul 30, 2019 -
If you pay much attention to the news, you might be feeling bummed out about the state of the world. But what if we told you that there’s more to the story? That the world is actually getting better?  
You Gave Life-Saving Care to Susan Uganda
Child treated at COTN clinic in Uganda
Mar 12, 2019 -

Susan from Uganda knew that the terrible shaking could happen at any time—at school, while she was doing chores, when she was with her friends. Sometimes, the tremors were so bad, Susan lost consciousness.

Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Uganda Uganda
Children cut the Christmas cake
Jan 15, 2019 -
Christmas in Uganda may not have snow, decked-out trees, and twinkling lights—but it’s still a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Photos from Your Child's Camp in Uganda Uganda
Worship at camp
Jan 7, 2019 -

For Children of the Nations–Uganda, camp is held in December. Here’s a special look at how your sponsored child spent their time at camp.

Thank You for an Amazing Field Trip in Uganda Uganda
Group photo of students
Nov 16, 2018 -

Fifty Children of the Nations–Uganda students recently went on a three-day field trip (which they call a “study tour”) around their country. These students were in seventh grade (the last year of primary school), and this trip taught them about different career paths, natural science, and Ugandan history. The trip also helped prepare them for their big, national end-of-year exam.

Photos (and Videos) from Your Child’s Center Day in Uganda Uganda
Child presenting
Aug 29, 2018 -

Thank you for sending your sponsored child to camp! COTN–Uganda doesn’t hold its “summer” camps until December, during the school break. We will share photos and stories from those camps as soon as they are available.

But what your child does experience during the summer are COTN–Uganda's Center Days.

My Favorite Photo after 5 Years in Africa Uganda
Aug 21, 2018 -


This will probably go down as my all-time favorite picture of Uganda so far. Let me tell you why.
School Is the Reason Why Dalton Looks so Different from His Neighbors Uganda
Aug 9, 2018 -

All that night, and for many days after, I couldn’t get those kids’ faces out of my head. 

It rattled me to see just how different those neighbor kids looked from Dalton, the boy we accompanied home from Children of the Nations’ school. 
Behind the Scenes of a COTN School in Uganda Uganda
Ugandan students with book
Aug 1, 2018 -

Here’s a special, sneak peek into how you are changing education in Uganda. (Also, keep reading to the end to see an adorable video of children having fun while learning.)