News: Sierra Leone

Recipes from Africa: Groundnut Stew Sierra Leone
Groundnut stew ingredients
Feb 10, 2014 -

Ever wonder what your sponsored child eats every day? If your child is from Sierra Leone, chances are this rich, fragrant peanut stew is part of their staple diet. Peanuts—or groundnuts, as they call them—are a major crop for small farmers in Sierra Leone. They are also a great source of protein!

Three Surprises Meeting My Sponsored Child Sierra Leone
Feb 3, 2014 -

I work for Children of the Nations, so I thought I knew what to expect when I went to meet my sponsored child. I've answered tons of questions about child sponsorship, written countless appeals for letters and love, and put together several stories about sponsors meeting their kids. But when the day came for me to actually meet my sponsored child, there were a lot of things that surprised me. Here's what I wasn't expecting:

Empowering African Girls Through Soccer Sierra Leone
 Massah (right) runs for the ball during a camp tournament.
Jan 28, 2014 -

The sun has just gone down as Josie Graybeal and her Venture Team arrive at the Children of the Nations ministry center in Sierra Leone. A little ways off, in the dusk, you can just make out a group of the white jerseys—Seattle Pacific University uniforms—that Josie brought last year. In the center, beaming and proud, are twenty-six African girls. Flanked by the boys' team, they perform a short "soccer" dance, jumping and slapping their feet like calisthenics. Then they break out into song, welcoming their inspiration back. 

Forgetting About Himself to Love Others: Magnus' Story Sierra Leone
Magnus is willing to sacrifice his life for these children
Jan 21, 2014 -

After a long day of work, Uncle Magnus Beah, the Children of the Nations (COTN) Venture Program Director in Sierra Leone, came to the guest house to share with us. 

Making Retirement Count: Jim and Lisa Teach in Africa Sierra Leone
"We had always wanted to do foreign missions," says Lisa.
Jan 16, 2014 -

Retirement couldn't have been nicer for Jim and Lisa Stowers. They had a beautiful house, a few grandchildren, and a large garden and art studio to spend their days in. But God had bigger plans. 

Thank You for Giving Joy in Sierra Leone! Sierra Leone
Jan 7, 2014 -

Thank you for giving joy to the children in Sierra Leone this Christmas! 

Thanks to the generous gifts from you and other sponsors, the children in our Children's Homes and Village Partnership Program were able to enjoy a big Christmas meal, presents (including a book for every child!), dancing, singing, games, and a nativity play. And to top it all off, they spent time praying for you, their sponsors! 

As Mabinty, one of the girls in the Children's Homes, said, "This is the best Christmas ever." Thank you for bringing that joy to her and the rest of the children.

Knowing Christ Deeply: Hawa's Story Sierra Leone
Hawa says she studies the Bible so that she can "share with others"
Dec 30, 2013 -

Hawa sits with her Bible open and waits for each of her younger sisters to join her in the living area of their house at the Children of the Nations (COTN) Banta Children’s Village in Sierra Leone. After asking one of the others to lead some praise songs and a prayer, she starts to read from Genesis. Hawa has decided to take the girls through this book each evening and they are on the story of Noah.

Your Farm Gifts Change Lives Sierra Leone
Gabriel and the other children in Sierra Leone are using your gifts of seeds
Dec 16, 2013 -

As he carefully places a watermelon seed beneath the warm earth in Sierra Leone, Gabriel smiles. He knows the seed will sprout into a plant, which will produce fruit—a delicious snack for him and his friends. 

Welcoming Others as He Was Welcomed: Spengy's Story Sierra Leone
If you travel to Sierra Leone with COTN, Spengy will probably welcome you
Dec 3, 2013 -

If you travel to Sierra Leone with Children of the Nations (COTN), a tall young man with a warm smile will greet you like you are family. Throughout your time there, you may see him in the kitchen, serving you, or supervising a small group of Sierra Leonean teenagers as they clean, cook, and serve you and your team. 

A Surprise Visit Sierra Leone
Alicia was so happy to see Alfred for a second time!
Nov 21, 2013 -

I made the journey to the remote village of Mokpangumba to meet my sponsored child, Alfred, about two weeks into my summer in Sierra Leone. As I wrote in a previous post, it was an adventure I’ll never forget. Still, after returning to COTN’s ministry center, I wished I could see Alfred again. But I knew my team wasn’t planning on making the trek back to Mokpangumba before we went home.