News: Sierra Leone

An Update from the Front Lines of the Ebola Outbreak Sierra Leone
Nov 6, 2014 -

Kelly Melton is a Children of the Nations sponsor who has traveled to Sierra Leone several times. She is currently in Freetown with a medical aid organization, helping to set up Ebola treatment clinics. She has graciously agreed to share her trip journal, to give you a firsthand view of how the Ebola outbreak is affecting Sierra Leone. Below is an update from Kelly, on her arrival and first few days in Freetown.

Traveling to Sierra Leone to Fight Ebola Sierra Leone
Kelly on a COTN Venture Trip to Sierra Leone earlier this year.
Nov 3, 2014 -

Kelly Melton is a Children of the Nations sponsor who’s traveled to Sierra Leone several times with us and other organizations. Earlier this year, she was planning her eighth visit to the country—this time with COTN—when the Ebola outbreak forced us to cancel all Venture Trips to Sierra Leone. Still, Kelly felt compelled to go and use her medical training to help the people there. 

Ebola's Effect on Everyday Life, Now and in Years to Come: An Interview with Quami Agbermodji Sierra Leone
Oct 17, 2014 -

With all the media hype around Ebola, it can be hard to get an accurate picture of the immediate and long-term impact this disease is having on everyday life in Sierra Leone. I sat down with Quami Agbermodji—one of the first children COTN cared for, and now a member of COTN–Sierra Leone's board of directors—during his brief trip to the US, to get a better picture of the daily struggle Ebola presents.

"You Are Not Alone": Sponsorship Unites Two Children with Special Needs Sierra Leone
Oct 6, 2014 -

Garrett Norman doesn't think long about what it would be like to grow up in Africa with his disability. "I would not have survived," he says, shaking his head.  The resources he has here to live with cerebral palsy are unheard of there. 

That's why 13-year-old Garrett wanted to sponsor an African boy with special needs. Garrett and his mom, Lisa, responded to the need for 750 new sponsors this summer and he chose Mohamed—a deaf boy from a tiny village in Sierra Leone. 


Meet the Nurses on the Front Line of the Ebola Fight Sierra Leone
Sep 25, 2014 -

Ashley VanBrunt and her husband Tyler have spent nine months over the past two years working alongside and training our Sierra Leone clinic staff. In light of the recent Ebola outbreak, we asked Ashley to paint a picture of the clinic for you and introduce you to the staff, so you can better understand how to pray for them. 

In the Shadow of Ebola, Life Goes On Sierra Leone
No matter what the girls become in the future, they have public health knowledge
Sep 22, 2014 -

As the World Health Organization declares an international emergency due to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, Theresa and Marie settle down with their friends in our Children’s Home to watch a film and plan their birthday celebration.

Education: The Front Lines of the Fight Against Ebola Sierra Leone
Health care workers from COTN's clinic explain the importance of protection
Sep 9, 2014 -

The Ebola quarantine center in Monvoria, Liberia, was supposed to contain the virus. Instead, it turned into a breeding ground as furious residents raided the facility, streaming out with blood-stained sheets and releasing 17 patients who were likely infected with the disease. 

Vacation Bible School in a Mosque Sierra Leone
Sep 2, 2014 -

Far through the Sierra Leonean jungle, across a river, and miles from any road, lies the Muslim village of Mosheki. Children from this village walk several miles every day to attend our most remote school, in the village of Mokpangumba. Activities and services in their isolated village are few.

Mapping the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Aug 28, 2014 -

Updated Sept. 10, 2014

The current Ebola outbreak began with a 2-year-old in Guéckédou, Guinea, researchers believe. He died on December 6, 2013. His mother died a week later, then his 3-year-old sister, followed by his grandmother. 

Eight Ways to Pray for the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Thank you for your prayers
Aug 11, 2014 -

As of August 11, 2014, there have been no reported cases of Ebola in the Upper Banta chiefdom of Sierra Leone where COTN serves. However, the virus continues to spread in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. Our in-country staff are implementing precautions in order to prepare and protect the children to the best of their ability in case it does spread to our area.