News: Sierra Leone

Photos from Your Child’s Summer Camp in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Aug 10, 2016 -

Children of the Nations recently hosted four 3-day summer camps in Sierra Leone, one youth camp and three children’s camps. The camps were led by in-country staff and COTN Venture team members. Activities at camp included listening to God’s Word being preached, games, skits, dancing, Bible quizzes, soccer matches, arts and crafts, and worship music.

Ebola's Ripples Still Being Felt By Sierra Leone's Orphans Sierra Leone
May 26, 2016 -

The fishing communities of Freetown, Sierra Leone, are tightly knit. Tiny homes of cement, mud, and tin are crammed together on the coast and families live almost on top of one another, lending support and friendship in this hard and often dangerous profession. 

She Volunteered in Africa and Lost Everything. How it Became a Blessing Sierra Leone
Mar 31, 2016 -

In late January, at COTN’s ministry site in Sierra Leone, a small brushfire got out of control and destroyed one of our guesthouses. Carrie Hollingsworth, an education consultant working in COTN’s school, was living there. 

Staring Down a Crisis, COTN Supporters Rally to Block Ebola Sierra Leone
Feb 1, 2016 -

It’s easy to browse your news feed, read about horrific situations around the world, feel sorry for the people affected, and keep scrolling. Being inundated with negative news makes this cycle even easier.

Photos from Christmas in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Jan 11, 2016 -

Thanks to your generosity, Christmas for the children in Sierra Leone was wonderful! This Christmas is extra special because the threat of Ebola has finally lifted. Everyone was in the mood to celebrate!

In the Children’s Home, the children attended a Christmas Eve candlelight service and as a special treat for dinner, Dave Keller, COTN’s construction specialist for Sierra Leone, slaughtered one of his goats and four chickens for a barbecue.

An Unlikely Success Story: Baby Sarah's Birth Sierra Leone
Dec 7, 2015 -

Sierra Leone is one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth. One in every 50 women who becomes pregnant will die in childbirth. Her baby is even less likely to make it.

Walled Perimeter Protects Students From More Than Ebola Sierra Leone
Nov 12, 2015 -

How do you protect yourself from something you cannot see?

This sounds like a quote from a Hollywood film, but sadly, it was a reality for thousands in Sierra Leone living through the Ebola crisis. This was especially true for the Children of the Nations campus in Ngolala in Upper Banta, which frequently had unknown visitors passing through from one village to the next.

Watching My Sponsored Child Graduate from College Sierra Leone
Sep 9, 2015 -

Before 2011, I was unfamiliar with Children of the Nations. But I knew I was called to be involved with an organization whose vision is to pour into the lives of children. So that year, I joined a COTN Venture team headed to Sierra Leone. 

It Takes a Village to Build a School Sierra Leone
Aug 3, 2015 -

Esther placed her load in the dugout canoe and prayed it wouldn’t sink. Sweat poured down her arms and face as she secured the bricks in the boat.

Crossing Africa to Achieve a Dream: N'gardy Graduates from College Sierra Leone
Jul 22, 2015 -

Two years ago a young woman who had never even left her country set off on a journey across Africa. Her goal was to earn a college degree—an accomplishment both rare and difficult where she comes from. The path she took to get there certainly wasn’t typical. But then again, no former orphan girl from a remote village in Sierra Leone who earns a college degree could be called typical.