News: Sierra Leone

Small Gifts, Big Changes, Thanks to You! Sierra Leone
Feb 7, 2017 -

During the Christmas season (and beyond!), many of you gave to COTN's children through our gift catalog—generously showing God's love through everything from cows to Bibles. Thank you.

Below are the stories of three children in Sierra Leone whose lives have been affected by some of the gifts you gave—things that we might take for granted but that make huge differences in their lives.


Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Merry Christmas sign
Jan 3, 2017 -

Thanks to you, children in COTN-Sierra Leone’s Village Partnership Program and Children’s Homes had joyous Christmas parties. The celebrations of Christ’s birth included prayer and worship, unwrapping gifts, nutritious meals, dancing, and more.

“God Can Make All Impossibilities Possible”: Hawa’s Breast Cancer Story Sierra Leone
Hawa with her sisters
Dec 28, 2016 -

Hawa entered COTN–Sierra Leone’s care when she was about six years old. Both of her parents had passed away from illness. She joined COTN's sponsorship program and she thrived. She enjoyed volleyball and wanted to become an accountant.

A World of Reading Opens Up in Sierra Leone: Photo Post Sierra Leone
Nov 15, 2016 -

Remember Martha Rabura, the young woman who collected books for a school library in Sierra Leone? Well, we recently opened that library, and we’re excited to share the photos with you!

The Miracle of 52 Doorknobs: Dan Diamond Tells Stories of COTN’s Early Years Sierra Leone
Students in Sierra Leone
Nov 9, 2016 -

Dan Diamond—COTN® partner, family doctor, public speaker, and first responder for a medical international disaster relief group—shares his stories about COTN’s early days, and gives his insight on what he believes is COTN’s current and future impact.

“We Are So Grateful to Give Back”: Malawi Graduates Teach in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Malawi graduates teaching in Sierra Leone
Oct 25, 2016 -

At Children of the Nations our goal is not just to feed and care for children in need, but to raise children who transform nations.

Sarah Ackim, Rebecca Chinseu, and Promise Kanyangala are all university graduates, and they were all children served by COTN-Malawi. They recently traveled to Sierra Leone to teach children in COTN’s Sierra Leone schools.

George, Adama, Isaac, and Jebbeh: Four Lives You Are Changing Sierra Leone
Sep 27, 2016 -

At first glance, it might not be obvious that Ngolala, Sierra Leone, is an unusual village. As is typical for this area, the villagers live in mud-walled homes with thatched roofs, and chickens peck by doorways.

But if you look a little closer, you will find signs of the lives you’ve changed. Ngolala is part of Children of the Nations’ Village Partnership Program. There's a school at COTN's nearby campus. There’s a bustling Saturday market, selling fish, clothing, eggs, and more.

Desperate to Go to School: Augustine’s Story Sierra Leone
Aug 29, 2016 -

Augustine knows the value of education because he has tasted how hard life can be without it.

Before Children of the Nations was established in Ngolala, Sierra Leone, Augustine’s family was split up and he was living in a nearby village with an aunt who mistreated him.

Photos from Your Child’s Summer Camp in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Aug 10, 2016 -

Children of the Nations recently hosted four 3-day summer camps in Sierra Leone, one youth camp and three children’s camps. The camps were led by in-country staff and COTN Venture team members. Activities at camp included listening to God’s Word being preached, games, skits, dancing, Bible quizzes, soccer matches, arts and crafts, and worship music.

Ebola's Ripples Still Being Felt By Sierra Leone's Orphans Sierra Leone
May 26, 2016 -

The fishing communities of Freetown, Sierra Leone, are tightly knit. Tiny homes of cement, mud, and tin are crammed together on the coast and families live almost on top of one another, lending support and friendship in this hard and often dangerous profession.