News: Sierra Leone

Alhaji "Speaks" for the First Time Sierra Leone
Aug 15, 2012 -

If you paid a visit to Children of the Nations' (COTN) school in Mokpangumba, Sierra Leone, in the last few weeks, you might notice that many of the children are using sign language.  You may think this is odd—they're not deaf.  But one of them is.  Eight-year-old Alhaji has been struggling to communicate with his teachers and peers his whole life due to a hearing disorder he's had since he was very young.  But thanks to some resources COTN–International Education Specialist Sarah Saunier was able to bring over on a recent visit, Alhaji i

Seattle Pacific University Soccer Player Leads Sports Camp in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Aug 6, 2012 -

When Seattle Pacific University's up-and-coming soccer star Josie Graybeal fractured her foot for the second time last spring, her response was not typical.  "I took two days to be depressed and upset that I couldn't play," Josie says. "Then I basically said, 'I'm going to Africa.'"

The Difference Sponsorship Makes: Moiyatu's Story Sierra Leone
Jul 19, 2012 -

If you visited Sierra Leone six years ago, you couldn't help but notice a little girl in a hot pink bathing suit wandering around the village of Ngolala.  This appeared to be the only item of clothing then six-year-old Moiyatu owned, and she usually wore it backwards.  Besides her three-month-old brother strapped to her back, Moiyatu wore nothing else around the village—no shoes, nothing.

The Little School That Could: Students and Teachers Excel in Mokpangumba Sierra Leone
Jul 5, 2012 -

Of all Children of the Nations' (COTN) Village Partnership Programs in rural Sierra Leone, Mokpangumba is by far the most remote.  Leaving from COTN's ministry center in Banta Mokelleh, you walk for about an hour through swamps, farmland, and jungle.   If you've announced your visit, a leaky dugout canoe will be waiting for you at the shore of the river—the only way to get across to the village.  The canoe usually has a few inches of water at the bottom, and you're usually pretty relieved to make it to the other side.  It's a long a

A Promise Fulfilled: First Science Labs Near Completion in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Jun 7, 2012 -

Growing up in the Children of the Nations (COTN) Children's Village in Banta Mokelleh, Sierra Leone, children like N'gardy and Alice were taught to dream big for their future.  They took this challenge seriously.  Early on, both girls decided their dreams were to become doctors.

Alfred: A Former Child Captive, Now Poised to be a Leader Sierra Leone
May 18, 2012 -

Alfred is a young man who takes his studies seriously, and dreams of one day becoming a doctor.  Looking at him today, whether he's racing down the soccer field or bent over his studies, it's hard to believe how much trauma and struggle he has already been through.  This is his story.

A Muslim Goatherd Meets Jesus: Amidu's Story Sierra Leone
Apr 16, 2012 -

Before coming to Children of the Nations (COTN), Amidu's life was typical of a young boy in rural Sierra Leone.  His father died when he was four and his physically disabled mother sent him to live with his uncle in the village of Makeni.  Amidu was privileged enough to attend school, his fees paid by a woman in his village who took pity on him.  Each morning he woke up very early to make the long trek to his school, where the quality of his education was poor at best.  Upon returning each afternoon, Amidu immediately went to wo

More than Obedience: God Prepares Foday for Leadership Sierra Leone
Apr 5, 2012 -

Foday's life has taught him that opportunities don't come around very often, so when they do, you need to grab hold with both hands. “I really don't know how I got this opportunity,” he wonders, talking about the privilege of attending school. “God has been so good to me.”

Seeds Find Fertile Soil in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Mar 21, 2012 -

"God always moves in miraculous ways to provide for this ministry at the right time," declares Children of the Nations–Sierra Leone Center Supervisor Samuel Ngoneh.  "When needs are urgent, the Lord will work miracles."

Venture Team Partners with a Community to Fight Malaria Sierra Leone
Mar 8, 2012 -

As a young girl growing up in Ngolala, Sierra Leone, there was nothing Christiana valued more than attending school.  Being a part of COTN's Village Partnership Program meant that Christiana got this rare privilege for a girl in rural Sierra Leone.  If it was up to her, Christiana wouldn't have ever missed a day.  But in a community ridden with malaria-infected mosquitoes, Christiana constantly fell sick and often couldn't make it to school.