News: Sierra Leone

A Sponsor's Journey, Part Three: On to Africa! Sierra Leone
Alicia made a glitter outline of Africa on her graduation cap
Jul 30, 2013 -

It was a busy week. Alicia graduated from high school, then graduated from college, and took off on the biggest trip of her life. 

A Sponsor's Journey Continues: Meet Alfred Sierra Leone
Jul 23, 2013 -

Alfred is a shy seven-year-old but he doesn’t hesitate when asked where he would be if he wasn't sponsored. “On the farm,” he says. 

Children Celebrate “The Freedom God Has Given Us” in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Yeani  smiles as she watches the day’s performances
Jul 3, 2013 -

The crowd of children is still riled up from the dance troupe’s performance as Amie approaches the stage. The audience settles in as the music begins. Amie has chosen the song “I Will Dance Before My God,” and in seconds this talented young woman from the Banta Children’s Village has twisted, shaken, and twirled the crowd onto their feet. 

Surviving Against All Odds: Edward's Story Sierra Leone
Today, Edward remembers little of his difficult life before COTN
Jun 14, 2013 -

Four-year-old Edward had little chance of surviving. Malnourished, sick, and orphaned, even his well-meaning uncle knew he couldn't save him. His uncle was barely able to provide enough food for Edward to survive, and couldn't even dream of paying for the medical care Edward needed.

Clean Water Flows in Ngolala Junction for the First Time! Sierra Leone
Elders pump the well as everyone takes a taste
Jun 3, 2013 -

Deep in the middle of the dry season in Sierra Leone, a group of elders gathered in a circle. They stood in the heat of the day, the dry dust dispersed through the air from so many shuffling feet, and witnessed one of the most momentous occasions in the short history of their small village.

Your Shoes Reach Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
The shoes you donated will protect the children's feet!
May 23, 2013 -

Last fall, we shared an urgent need with you. All 500 children in our Sierra Leone Village Partnership Program needed new shoes for school. With just a few weeks before our shipping container was scheduled to depart for Sierra Leone, people all over Kitsap County and Seattle rallied. In just days, we watched a huge bin fill as dozens of individuals stopped by our headquarters with their donations.

An Inside Look at Transformation Sierra Leone
May 14, 2013 -

What does transformation look like? It can be something as simple as children making new friends or a little girl learning to read.

COTN education consultant Carrie Hollingsworth spent six months in Sierra Leone teaching, tutoring, forming relationships with the children, and watching them grow. She created this video to demonstrate the ways your care and support are transforming the children's lives. 

My Lord Cares For Me: Hannah's Story Sierra Leone
Sixteen-year-old Hannah in front of her home at the Children's Village
May 6, 2013 -

Hannah collapsed by her bed and buried her face in her arms. She knelt there crying and praying—overwhelmed by everything that was happening in her life. Today, as she remembers that moment, Hannah says, "I was praying that God would give me mercy." She didn't know that He already had.

A Bigger Family Than They Ever Hoped For Sierra Leone
Osman and Hawa have a hopeful outlook today, thanks to you.
Apr 8, 2013 -

Osman was eight years old, and his sister Hawa was only six, when their father died from kidney disease.  Their mother was very sick as well—too sick to care for her children. At that time, Hawa and Osman didn't know where their next meal would come from. They had no hope for their future. But today, thanks to you, their lives look very different.

Thank You for Being My Family: Jeneba's Story Sierra Leone
Jeneba attends COTN's school and lives in a family environment in COTN's homes
Mar 29, 2013 -

Jeneba giggles and looks down when asked her favorite thing about Children of the Nations (COTN). But she doesn't hesitate when she gives her answer. "I love my precious family here," she says, thinking of her brothers and sisters at the Banta Children's Village, all the Venture participants who come to visit her, her sponsors, and most of all, the COTN–Sierra Leone staff.