From Living on the Street to a Loving Family: Benny’s Story


On his first morning at COTN’s home in Sierra Leone, Benny* woke up and went to the kitchen. Aunty Mary handed him a bread roll and a cup of tea. But Benny just stood there, waiting.

Like most of our children, Benny’s life was full of pain and injustice before we met him. His father died of Ebola. Then his mother got a new husband, who kicked him out. As a small boy, Benny was sent to live on the streets. 
Benny's step-father kicked him out on the street. But thanks to you, Benny now has a new family and a safe home. Read on to find out how.
This little boy survived by doing odd jobs in return for food. He came home and slept on the porch at night. His stepfather wouldn’t let him inside.
And that’s why Benny just stood there when Aunty Mary handed him breakfast. He was waiting to be told whose bread this was, whose tea this was, and who he should serve it to. He waited because he didn’t think the food was for him.
Mark Drennan (COTN’s Sierra Leone country liaison) explains, “He hadn’t truly understood that this was his home now. That this was a place where he’d be given breakfast, he’d be given love, he’d be given care by people who were his family now.”
Benny is still getting used to his new home with COTN. He's thankful to have a family (including you) who love and care for him.
Benny’s heartbreaking past will always be part of his story. But it won’t define his future. Now, thanks to generous partners like you, he has food every day. He’s in school. He has a clean bed to sleep on, in a house. And best of all, Benny now understands that he has a family and a hope for the future.
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*This child’s identity has been concealed to protect him.