High School Graduates in Sierra Leone Talk about Sponsorship and the Future


Recently our high school graduates in Sierra Leone wrote letters to their sponsors. They've allowed us to share a few quotes from those letters, which we hope will give you a unique view into the hearts and minds of COTN kids who are all grown up and preparing to step into the next phase of life. Their words will help you understand what sponsorship is really all about:

Jeneba — “Whatever you’ve done to me you have also done to Christ.”


Hawa — “God has been teaching me not to worry about anything and he has better plans for me to give me hope and a brighter future. Also God has shown me [how] to love and care for people no matter their status in life.” 


Nyandewa — “This is my plans and goals for the future. I want to be a representative of Children of the Nations in the field of hotel management. Through my character I believe I can transform lives because by God’s grace we are the future of this country. I wish to manage my own hotel. My motive of establishing this hotel is to bring others to King Jesus. And a motivation to other women that they can do the same, if only they trust in God and work hard.”


Kapprie — “May the almighty God bless you. It’s because of God through you that I can boast of who I want to be in the future. Thinking back on my past life, I never thought of going to school or even knowing who God is, but because of Children of the Nations and you guys who are helping in running of this organization, we the kids can now dream of who we want to be in the future.”


Yusif — "I am involved in some activities right now. All of which will prepare me for my college education, where they will prepare me for future workplaces. That is I am reading books on how to become a certified accounting technician and also I am teaching in one of our schools at Mokpangumba (where am doing Christian service) which will help me to gain experience for the future.  

"I thank God for his grace and the victory he gave me…I am also grateful to you for your utter support and words of encouragement in my life as I am maturing to be a change in my family, my community, the society and my country."


Patricia — "I am so thankful to God for giving me such an opportunity to have you as my sponsor. It was a great joy for me to write you this letter telling you about the progress I have made in my academic work.

"My future plan is to become a nurse. The reason why I chose to do nursing is to help the poor people that are in need and also to transform nations. My future can only be achieved through the help of COTN and you people."


Musa — "Your intervention in my life has brought a smile on my face and has given me the courage to think of becoming a great man in this type of my society.

"Thanks that you made my graduation a successful one and exciting. I wonder how my life could have been without your support in my life."


Henry — “Now I can prove that “EDUCATION is better than SILVER and GOLD.”


Emmanuel — “Thank you for making me feel I belong at a time I felt abandoned. You are really God sent. I wonder what I would have done if it hadn’t been God’s intervention and your support. Oh! I just wish words can truly express what I feel inside as I think of you and even as I write you this letter.”


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