A World of Reading Opens Up in Sierra Leone: Photo Post


Remember Martha Rabura, the young woman who collected books for a school library in Sierra Leone? Well, we recently opened that library, and we’re excited to share the photos with you!

Just one of the hundreds of books donated to the library, including chapter books, picture books, nonfiction, and more.

From Monday to Thursday, primary classes 1 through 6 come to the library for 35 minutes. We have divided the classes into two groups. Group 1 comes on Monday and Wednesday, Group 2 comes on Tuesday and Thursday.

The nursery students come to the library on Fridays. Each class is divided into two groups, and each group comes for 30 minutes.

The librarian, Henry Jabba, makes the library fun for students. Here, he reads a story to nursery 3 class and asks students to come point to a word.

With nursery 1 class, Mr. Jabba read a story titled My Best Friend. He then had the students show him their best friend and practice saying, “[Name] is my best friend” in English.


One of our older students, Hawa Stevens, has been given the opportunity to give back to her community by volunteering in the library.

                                                 Students pick out books to read.

At the end of every lesson, Mr. Jabba has a fun song or game to play with the students related to what they learned in the library that day.

                                                  The books have many uses.


                               A boy learns about space because of compassionate partners like you.

Books open up new worlds for children, providing not just education, but a glimpse into what is possible in their future. Many thanks to Martha and to partners like you who cared enough to build this library in Sierra Leone!