Staring Down a Crisis, COTN Supporters Rally to Block Ebola


It’s easy to browse your news feed, read about horrific situations around the world, feel sorry for the people affected, and keep scrolling. Being inundated with negative news makes this cycle even easier.

Ebola in Sierra Leone was a situation that fit this scenario for a lot of people. 
But not for partners of Children of the Nations. The outbreak created a rally cry around the world for COTN supporters like you. And your actions went far beyond COTN's walls.
At the onset of the Ebola outbreak, the COTN team contacted Sierra Leone's Moyamba District Health Management Team and the Serabu Catholic Hospital to see how we could help. “Serabu is our main medical partner. They are a private hospital and so were not benefiting from the government support,” says Samuel Ngoneh, COTN-Sierra Leone center supervisor and resource coordinator. 
Your generous donations were used in part to buy an ambulance, which delivered emergency supplies to Serabu Hospital and local clinics in the community, to help stop the spread of Ebola. Thank you!
COTN received a list from Serabu of personal protective equipment and medical equipment items that were needed to keep the surrounding chiefdoms safe.
Thanks to all of you who gave, the hospital and local clinics received generous donations of much needed supplies. Packages of gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, respirators, gowns, thermometers, and more were delivered to 13 locations over the course of a month. A year later, items such as syringes and infectious control kits were delivered to the hospital, as well. This year-long partnership remains strong, thanks to you!
“What the hospital staff appreciated was how quickly we were able to share supplies with them and how useful those supplies were at what was a very difficult time for the hospital,” says Mark Drennan, COTN's Sierra Leone liaison.
The hospital noted that the backpack disinfectant sprayers COTN's partners provided were still being used a year after they were given, keeping the hospital clean and safe.
“Many people benefited from that,” Mr. Ngoneh says. “The supplies we sent were used by the entire hospital.”
The Ebola epidemic killed almost 4,000 people and infected more than 14,000 others in Sierra Leone alone. With your help, thousands of lives remain healthy thanks to your generous gifts!
COTN Founder and CEO Chris Clark, COTN Home Father Abdullai Thollie, and two boys from our programs visit the hospital where the supplies that were purchased with your generous donations were distributed.
“It is our hope that through this gesture, the love and grace of God will be seen,” said Sahr Yambasu, COTN's Sierra Leone country director, when giving the items to the hospitals. “Let us realize that God has not forsaken us in this crisis period. He is still at the background working through individuals, groups, and institutions to provide us support. He is touching heads, hearts, and hands to think about us, move with compassion and empathy for us, and reach out to assist us.”
It is generosity like this that enables COTN to fulfill its mission: Partnering with nationals to provide holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children, enabling them to create positive and lasting change in their nations. Thank you for making this possible!