Photos from Christmas in Sierra Leone


Thanks to your generosity, Christmas for the children in Sierra Leone was wonderful! This Christmas is extra special because the threat of Ebola has finally lifted. Everyone was in the mood to celebrate!

In the Children’s Home, the children attended a Christmas Eve candlelight service and as a special treat for dinner, Dave Keller, COTN’s construction specialist for Sierra Leone, slaughtered one of his goats and four chickens for a barbecue.

Christmas morning the children went to church wearing their best traditional African clothing. Later the children enjoyed a special meal and some time playing in a bounce house. For presents this year, the children were given clothes and shoes. Then, on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), the children traveled to a nearby lake for some fun in the water.

The children in our Village Partnership Program (VPP) also enjoyed the Christmas party you helped provide! “Knowing full well that the virus made them sad last year it was our resolve this year to make them dance, sing, and laugh. And we succeeded in doing that!” says Mangay Sankoh, COTN's Sierra Leone Village Partnership and Sponsorship Coordinator.

Many of the VPP children and families got to see a Christmas tree on display for the first time, and were enthralled by it. They also enjoyed a special meal. For presents, each VPP child received shoes and a gift bag with special food to take home.

“We say a very big thank you to God for His provision and to you all whose kind donations made this Christmas a very blissful one for our children,” says Mangay. “May the peace of our Lord and Savior abound in your homes today and always.”

Enjoy the photos!

                                         Barbecuing some chickens for a special Christmas meal.





                                           The children enjoyed some time at the beach, also! 







                            Each child got a new pair of shoes, thanks to the generosity of all of their sponsors!







Thank you, sponsors, for making this Christmas celebration possible!