Christmas Photos from Sierra Leone


Thank you for making Christmas special for the children in Sierra Leone this year!

Because of the Ebola outbreak, this Christmas was a little different than usual. Public gatherings are prohibited right now, to prevent the spread of disease, so our children didn't have the parties they normally have.

But despite all the challenges, the children enjoyed many Christmas blessings, thanks to you. The children in our Village Partnership Programs received a meal and gifts after the Christmas Day services at their church. Gifts included soap, shoes, and some tasty treats! 
At our Children's Homes, celebrations were also small. But the children didn't let that stop them from having fun! On Christmas Eve, the staff recreated some of the festivities of last year's Christmas. They turned out all the lights and the children lit candles and sang "Joy to the World." As the song ended, the staff turned on all the lights and inflated a bounce house for the children to play in. "It was a powerful moment last year, and I think it was more powerful this year," says Mark Drennan, our Sierra Leone liaison. 
Thank you for making these Christmas celebrations possible. Your support truly brightened the children's Christmas during this difficult time in Sierra Leone! Enjoy the photos!
                  Amidu (left) and Alex pose next to the Christmas tree at our Children's Homes on Christmas Eve.
                                                    Celebrating the new year at the Children's Homes.
              The children in the villages were very thankful for the Christmas gifts their sponsors helped provide! 
                    The children enjoyed a special meal after their Christmas Day church services in each village. 
        Many of the children said they will save their new shoes so they can use them once school is back in session.
                                              Thank you for making this a great Christmas for the children!