Vacation Bible School in a Mosque


Far through the Sierra Leonean jungle, across a river, and miles from any road, lies the Muslim village of Mosheki. Children from this village walk several miles every day to attend our most remote school, in the village of Mokpangumba. Activities and services in their isolated village are few.

But this summer, instead of trekking miles every day to COTN's summer camp programs, summer camp came to the children of Mosheki. When seven teenagers from COTN's Children's Homes and Village Partnership Program showed up with our spiritual care director to lead camp, the whole village, Muslim chief and all, was there to welcome them. The chief happily supplied the village mosque—the largest and nicest building in the area—as a meeting place for camp.
There was much excitement in Mosheki when the group of teens and staff showed up
           There was much excitement in Mosheki when the group of teens and staff showed up to lead camp.  
Camp in Mosheki was just one of several three-day camps that COTN sponsors made possible with their generous donations last spring. This year, we were able to hold camps at our ministry center and also in some of the most remote villages—communities like Mosheki that had never had a camp before. The impact was incredible. 
For three days the children in Mosheki had the time of their lives, playing games and enjoying a nutritious meal together. The kids shrieked with delight as they raced on huge bouncy balls across the village and battled in tug-of-war over an old rope. 
Playing tug-of-war
                            Playing tug-of-war (or tug-of-peace as they call it in Sierra Leone) at summer camp.
But the group fell silent as Massah walked to the front of the mosque and began sharing about Jesus. 
Barely five feet tall, with a voice most people would have to strain to hear, Massah, one of the oldest teenagers in our home, doesn't exactly seem like she would command a crowd. But when she started explaining the creation, then how Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, and finally the beautiful reconciliation that God offered through Jesus, the children were fascinated.
"Jesus was a friend of little children, and he wants to be your friend," Massah concluded. When she asked who wanted to accept Jesus, every little hand shot up. 
Theresa, another teen from our Children's Homes, teaches children in a local vil
                           Josephine, another teen from our Children's Homes, teaches children in a local village. 
Sunday was the last day of camp, and the village chief stood up to thank the COTN teenagers and staff for choosing to hold the camp in their village. He welcomed any future programs, saying that he and his people would always be happy to support Christian activities in their village. 
Thank you, sponsors, for making outreach camps like this possible!
You can send a child to summer camp next year. Click here to give.