Mapping the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone


Updated Sept. 10, 2014

The current Ebola outbreak began with a 2-year-old in Guéckédou, Guinea, researchers believe. He died on December 6, 2013. His mother died a week later, then his 3-year-old sister, followed by his grandmother. 

By the time the disease was identified in March 2014, it had infected people in at least eight communities in Guinea. It wasn't long before cases began popping up in neighboring Liberia. When the disease hit Sierra Leone—one of the poorest countries in West Africa with only one doctor for every 50,000 people—it spread like wildfire. 
Here is a map of the current outbreak, with COTN's ministry center identified. 
If you look closely at Moyamba district, below, where COTN is located, you can see that our ministry center is near the middle of the outbreak. However, none of the villages we serve have been directly affected yet.
*UPDATE: On Wednesday, September 10, a new Ebola case was confirmed in Moriba Town, just 16 miles away from our ministry site. Please pray urgently for God to provide protection for our children, and to stamp out this disease. If you would like to help protect the children by giving to our emergency medical fund, please click here.
COTN does not serve in Moriba Town, but this new case shows that the disease is still spreading all around us.
We are taking precautions on our campus so that if Ebola does reach our region, we are prepared to protect the ministry center and prevent it from spreading throughout the villages. 
The map below shows the ministry center and the safety measures we've put in place. There are chlorinated hand-washing stations in front of each home in the Children's Village and throughout the campus and a station where everyone's temperature is taken at the gate. We are also hoping to purchase or rent a vehicle that would be available to transport suspected cases to the nearest hospital. 
Please pray for God's protection over the ministry center and our children and staff there. 
Pray the words of Psalm 91 over the ministry site:
"Because you have made the Lord your refuge,
The Most High your dwelling place
No evil shall befall you
No scourge come near your tent."  -Psalm 91:9-10
To contribute to our ongoing effort to protect the children from Ebola, give to our emergency preparedness fund today.