Thank You for the Mosquito Nets!


Great news! Since September, people like you have given almost $9,000 to provide mosquito nets for children in Africa and the Caribbean. 

Thanks to those gifts, combined with gifts from last year, we were able to complete the largest mosquito net distribution in Sierra Leone to date! Every child in the Children's Village and Village Partnership Program—600 children—received a net. 

Here are some photos from they day our staff distributed the mosquito nets. Enjoy the pictures, and thank you for protecting the children from malaria!

The children all gathered at the Children's Homes and waited expectantly for their mosquito nets. Because this was the largest distribution we've ever done, many children got a mosquito net for the first time ever. 

                 International consultants volunteered alongside the local staff to hand each child a mosquito net.

                                                           It was an exciting day for all the children!

We're not sure whether this little guy is more excited about his new net, or about getting his photo taken. But we do know one thing—he will be able to sleep at night, knowing he is safe from mosquitos that could carrry malaria. 

Even the youngest children got a net to take home. Children under five are much more vulnerable to malaria, so your gift means even more to them.

                            Children from the Village Partnership and our Children's Homes (above) all got nets.

Want to give more nets? Two mosquito nets from our Christmas Gift Catalog would make a great present for a loved one! 


Woohoo! So exciting to see right where our nets went to. Praise the Lord!

Thank you for sharing these photos; each face is such a precious picture of God's handiwork. I love seeing the kids' enthusiasm over a simple, utilitarian gift. They are all beautiful children!

Thanks Gail! We think the photos are pretty awesome, too :-)