A Sponsor's Journey, Part Three: On to Africa!


It was a busy week. Alicia graduated from high school, then graduated from college, and took off on the biggest trip of her life. 

After obtaining her high school diploma and associate’s degree through the Running Start program, Alicia was headed to Sierra Leone, Africa, for a summer internship with Children of the Nations (COTN).
With the shape of Africa outlined in silver glitter on her graduation cap, Alicia could not have been more excited to set foot on this continent for the first time. The long journey to one of the most remote areas of Sierra Leone did not scare her a bit. Her biggest fear, rather, was "that I'm going to want to stay and not come back." 
Alicia made a glitter outline of Africa on her graduation cap
                                              Alicia made a glitter outline of Africa on her graduation cap. 
Alicia's list of must-pack items was simple: bug spray, lots of snacks, her journal, and a Bible. She also made sure to save room for her camera and laptop. Her job this summer is to be a communications intern, and she will be gathering photos, videos, and stories to share with you. Her goal is to help you get a glimpse into how your support is changing lives and communities in Sierra Leone. In a area with no electricity and spotty—if any—internet service, her work will be a huge blessing to our staff, and also to you! 
The last thing into her bag was the most important of all: a shirt and a book for her sponsored child, Alfred
Alicia with her bags, ready for Africa!
                                                              Alicia with her bags, ready for Africa!
Alicia has been sponsoring Alfred for two years now. They have slowly built a relationship through letters, drawings, and prayer. But it's about to get real for them next week. 
Next week, Alicia will make the journey across a river in a dugout canoe—the only way to get from COTN’s ministry base to the impoverished village of Mokpangumba, where Alfred lives with his parents and three siblings. She will see his home, walk through his village, and go to his school. She will get to talk to him, ask him questions, meet his family, and give him her gift. The boy she knew only in photos and letters will become a real child for her. 
The village where Alfred lives is only accessible by canoe             The village where Alfred lives is only accessible by canoe. Tune in next week to see Alicia's journey! 
"I've always thought about what it would be like to meet him," Alicia said before she left for Sierra Leone. "I'm trying not to have a lot of expectations, but I expect it to be overwhelming." She pauses, then adds, "Joyfully overwhelming." 
You can take the journey with Alicia. Join us next week to see her journey to Mokpangumba, and the moment she meets Alfred!
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Alicia. May God be with you. May His Holy Angels surround you with the Fathers Love , Peace, and His Strength. May you be full of Gods Armor and Protection. We ask Lord for You to be with Alicia. Please let Your Light so shine in Alicia, that all who see her will see You Lord Jesus. Please grant her and all, safe traveling Mercies, in Jesus Name, Amen. Aloha Danny Glover