A Sponsor's Journey Continues: Meet Alfred


Alfred is a shy seven-year-old but he doesn’t hesitate when asked where he would be if he wasn't sponsored. “On the farm,” he says. 

That is where both of Alfred’s parents are each day as he goes to school—subsistence farmers working the land to grow the rice and cassava which the family relies upon to survive throughout the year. Because of the extreme poverty in their village, though, they can't provide everything Alfred and his siblings need, like school fees.
But because of partners and sponsors like you, Alfred is now in second grade at the Children of the Nations (COTN) school in his village of Mokpangumba in Sierra Leone. He is joined at school each day by his older sister, Fatmata, while his two younger siblings are looked after by their grandmother. 
Alfred walks to COTN's Mokpangumba school every day
Alfred walks to COTN's Mokpangumba school every day. If he wasn't sponsored, Alfred says he'd be working on his parents’ farm instead. 
Alfred enjoys school, where he has an opportunity to learn English, his favorite subject, and have fun with the other children. The school’s meal program helps supplement what his parents work so hard to provide for him each day. 
School has come to an end for this year, and in September Alfred will receive supplies like books and pens. By working hard in school, he has also qualified for a nice new uniform which is already waiting to replace this year’s rather tired-looking version. He makes special mention of the backpack he has already received and a lunch bowl he was given.
In addition to the school, Alfred is particularly thankful for another aspect of the care you’re providing for him. “When I was sick I was taken to Ngolala and COTN helped me,” he says. Alfred seriously wounded his ankle earlier this year and was rushed to COTN's clinic for first aid treatment. He was later referred to the nearby Serabu hospital and received treatment there for the three weeks that followed. The injury has healed well and he is very thankful. 
Underlining how precarious life can be in this area however, Alfred also shares that his youngest brother died a few months before this, following an attack of malaria. Having a medical clinic available is a huge blessing to the whole community and helps to avoid many such tragedies.
Alfred has access to medical care, thanks to his sponsors
Alfred seriously wounded his ankle earlier this year. Without the support of his sponsors and the COTN clinic, he would have no access to medical care. 
Alfred attends church regularly in Mokpangumba with his parents. His teacher, Mr. Foday, who is also the church’s pastor, comments on how good a drummer Alfred is. “He can beat [the drum] and sing!” smiles Mr. Foday. When asked who taught him to play so well, Alfred says quite matter-of-factly, “Myself.” 
Alfred likes church because, “They teach us the word of God.” When asked his favorite Bible verse, he thinks for a second before quoting from Samuel 17:45, “David answered, ‘You are coming against me with a sword, spear, and javelin but I come against you in the name of the Lord almighty.’”
Along with school and the clinic, the thing Alfred likes best about being involved with COTN is, “Sponsors.” Alfred says he is thankful for them and for the help they have offered him. “I pray that we would be friends and that the Lord would help them to provide more for me,” he says. Alfred remembers being very happy when he read the last letter he received from his sponsor, Alicia. “She was praying that one day she would come here!”
This summer, Alfred's sponsor, Alicia, is on her way to meet him! Follow along as she makes the journey to his home is Sierra Leone, and gets to see the impact she is making through sponsorship. 
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