Surviving Against All Odds: Edward's Story


Four-year-old Edward had little chance of surviving. Malnourished, sick, and orphaned, even his well-meaning uncle knew he couldn't save him. His uncle was barely able to provide enough food for Edward to survive, and couldn't even dream of paying for the medical care Edward needed.

But somehow, Edward held on for a year, despite the slim odds of a child like him surviving in Sierra Leone. And that's when a miracle happened.
When Edward first came into COTN's care, he was sick and malnourished
                                   When Edward first came into COTN's care, he was sick and malnourished.
Edward's life changed when a Children of the Nations (COTN) staff member identified him as a good candidate to come live in our full-care Children's Homes.  There, thanks to his sponsors and people like you, Edward had all the food and medical care he needed. His health began to improve, and he put on weight. 
Today, Edward remembers little of his life before people like you stepped in to help. But one thing he knows for sure, "Before I was not going to school, but now I am going to school," he explains. For Edward—today one of the top students in COTN's seventh-grade class—going to school changed everything.  
Today, Edward remembers little of his difficult life before COTN
                                           Today, Edward remembers little of his difficult life before COTN. 
"I like COTN, because it helps me with my education," he says. Edward hopes to one day become an accountant, and says his favorite subject is math. Thanks to his sponsors, who help provide his education, and all the people like you who invest in his school and resources, this is an achievable goal for him. 
When he's not studying in school, Edward is with most of the other boys his age—on the soccer field. He plays defender, and says his favorite soccer team is the one he's on—the Debbie Clark Football Club, named after one of COTN's founders
Edward asks that you pray for his education. He also wants prayers for his country. Like many of the children you care for through COTN, Edward dreams of seeing his country change for the better, and believes that change begins with prayer. "Pray for our country," he asks, "so that it develops." He hopes to be a part of this development one day, and with your help, he will be!
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