Your Shoes Reach Sierra Leone


Last fall, we shared an urgent need with you. All 500 children in our Sierra Leone Village Partnership Program needed new shoes for school. With just a few weeks before our shipping container was scheduled to depart for Sierra Leone, people all over Kitsap County and Seattle rallied. In just days, we watched a huge bin fill as dozens of individuals stopped by our headquarters with their donations. Bob Thayer of Triple T Trading finished off the need with a generous in-kind donation, and the shoes were shipped off to Sierra Leone.

             Resource Director Dave Schertzer loads your shoes into a shipping container to send to Sierra Leone.

Once on the water, the journey across the sea, into Freetown, Sierra Leone, through customs, and all the way out to rural Banta, took months. In late March, your shoes finally arrived, and our staff ditributed them to every child in our Child Sponsorship Program. It was a joyful day, and children traded in their old, dusty footwear, for new, sturdy shoes. Here are some photos for you of the distribution. The children say, "Thank you!"

                      The children lined up with their dusty feet and old shoes to receive your gift of new shoes!  

                                             The children's faces lit up as they received their new shoes.

The shoes you donated will protect the children's feet!
                      The shoes you sent will protect children from parasites, cuts, and infections. Thank you! 

                                                                        Thank you for the shoes!

Thank you for the shoes!

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