My Lord Cares For Me: Hannah's Story


Hannah collapsed by her bed and buried her face in her arms. She knelt there crying and praying—overwhelmed by everything that was happening in her life. Today, as she remembers that moment, Hannah says, "I was praying that God would give me mercy." She didn't know that He already had.

In her short life, Hannah, only nine at the time, had already endured the pain of seeing both of her parents die. It was shortly after her father passed away and Hannah had no one left to care for her that she moved into Children of the Nations' (COTN) Children's Home in Sierra Leone.  It was on her first day there that Hannah remembers crying on her bed. With both her parents dead, and in a strange new place, she had no idea what was going to happen to her. 
Hannah in 2008, shortly after she came to live in COTN's Children's Homes
                    Hannah shortly after she came to live in COTN's Children's Homes, thanks to people like you.
It didn't take long for Hannah to realize that she was in a safe place.  Thanks to her sponsors, and generous people like you, Hannah's life began to change. She adjusted quickly to the family-style homes where she now lives with house "aunties" and “uncles,” and other "sisters" and "brothers" from similar situations. 
Today, sixteen-year-old Hannah lives in the "House of Truth" at COTN's Children's Village in Sierra Leone. "I love especially the Christian life here," she says, "and the way they are taking care of us." 
Sixteen-year-old Hannah in front of her home at the Children's Village
                                      Sixteen-year-old Hannah in front of her home at the Children's Village.
Hannah describes herself as shy. "I am not good at talking," she says, giggling with embarrassment. But when it comes to people she looks up to, Hannah is quick to mention Daniel of the Bible. "He was not afraid, even of a King," she says, reciting Daniel 3:16 from memory, when Daniel and his friends stood up to the King, saying, "Oh King, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter." 
Hannah is also not shy when it comes to singing. She is in the choir at her church, and was happy to share her favorite song for all of you to hear—"My Lord Cares for Us." 
Thank YOU for caring for children like Hannah!
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