Celebrating Center Day in Sierra Leone


Safety goggles secure, the students carefully tipped baking soda into their bottle of vinegar. The crowd—hundreds of children from rural Sierra Leone—watched wide-eyed in amazement as a balloon inflated, seemingly by itself. The students grinned as the crowd cheered. Their performance was a success. 

       Students from COTN's school in Sierra Leone show off their newly-aquired science skills at Center Day.

It was the third "Center Day" to be celebrated at Children of the Nations (COTN) Sierra Leone. The idea behind Center Day is to bring the community together, showcase the students' learning, and educate their parents. Like the two previous Center Days, it was a great success. And this one was even more exciting because partners like you had just helped complete the first-ever science labs and library at COTN's secondary school. Not only were sponsored children celebrating the new science labs, they also had special guests there to celebrate with them—COTN Founders Chris and Debbie Clark. 

                COTN Founders Chris and Debbie Clark sporting safety goggles to celebrate the new science lab.

After the presentation, village elders, parents, teachers, and some of the visiting American staff held a formal ribbon-cutting ceremony, praying over and officially recognizing the new labs. 

COTN Founders Chris and Debbie Clark, International Education Director Wendy Brown, and village elders participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new science labs.

Of course, there were many other things to celebrate and learn at Center Day, thanks to your generosity through child sponsorship and other donations over the last year. Each COTN school made a presentation—a skit or traditional dance or song. The little Mokpangumba school, which always excels in skits and presentations despite its remote location and limited resources, took the cake with their adorable skit about good and bad parenting. The children took turns portraying a good parent, who encourages their child to go to school, and a bad parent, who makes their child stay home.

                    Children from each COTN school presented a skit for the other children and parents.

And of course, everyone got to play games, sing and play music, and enjoy a delicious meal together.

                                                            Children performed traditional music.

                                                               Children gathered for games.

                            Science education consultant John Keiss leads the children in a follow-the-leader game. 

There was so much to celebrate and share on Center Day, thanks to your support!  Thank you!

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